Cappuccinator or coffee machine – what to choose


One of the most sought-after coffee recipes today is cappuccino espresso with delicate milk foam. It is easily prepared with a cappuccino machine, which is a nozzle attached to a coffee machine or coffee maker. After turning on the “cooking steam” feature, the coffee machine whips the milk into the foam using a special nozzle called “panarello”. After that, the appliance brews coffee from the grains and connects it to whipped milk foam.

Cappuccinator is necessary in order for the machine to beat milk foam – in coffee makers without cappuccinator this possibility is not available.

There are automatic and mechanical cappuccinators — autocappuccinator and panarello. The difference between the two is that the autocappuccinator adjusts the gap in the hole that passes the milk, and also it is equipped with a tube that is lowered into the milk vessel. Fast moving steam creates pressure differences in the pulverizer chambers and the milk retracting into the cappuccinator is stirred with steam. A mechanical cappuccinator foams the milk in a separate container and then moves the resulting foam into the cup.

Coffee machines

Modern coffee machines are more complex devices than cappuccinators, as they have a set of additional important functions. The automatic appliances include a grain grinder, which allows you to get the right grinding of grains — it should be a little rough. This allows to preserve the flavor and flavor inherent in the natural coffee bean.

Coffee, cappuccino and latte are prepared in the coffee machine automatically and with minimal effort and time.

Coffee machines are equipped with a display that informs you about the existing operating modes and programs that regulate the activation and disconnection of the device at a specified time. The great advantage of coffee machines is the automatic rinsing and removal of water, often idled in the supply pipes of the appliance. In addition, the coffee machine independently reminds you of the need to clean its systems – at the same time it is enough to put a special cleaning agent in it, and the device will automatically start the cleaning program. Decalcination of the coffee machine is performed by timely replacement of the tablet and replacement of filters that do not allow chlorine and heavy metals to penetrate the unit.

Thus, the cappuccino machine is a simpler analog of the coffee machine, which, however, cannot fully replace this convenient and necessary device.

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