Zodiac Sign Taurus: facts about men and women

Taurus are people born between April 21 and May 21. The main features of their character are strength and practicality. Always keep external calm, but inside can have a hot temperament.

Interesting facts about Taurus

  1. They don’t like anything temporary. If Taurus is looking for a friend, then for life. The same could be said for the second half. Prefer to buy for a long time even minor items. We’re willing to spend a large amount of money for that
  2. They adore their home. Can spend very little time in it, but still treat it with trepidation. We try to do everything possible to make it comfortable. The view from the window is not important for Taurus. But the large and spacious bathroom representative of this sign of the zodiac is sure to pay attention.
  3. They are patient. Able to wait indefinitely. Actions only when the moment comes. That being said, can look lazy and unswerving. Actually the Taurus are just waiting.
  4. They are very jealous. Sometimes there is a feeling that the Taurus want to know even the thoughts of their soulmate. They seek to control their partner always and in everything.
  5. They have good memory. The calves are very calm. But it is better not to bring them to a nervous breakdown. They are capable of rampaging like no one else. At the same time very well remember bad words in your address. Always find time for revenge. And they know how to wait.

Facts about Taurus Man

born from April 21 to May 21, has both negative and positive qualities. He is reliable, patient, magnanimous, loyal. However, can be very stubborn and selfish.

Some interesting facts about male calves.

  1. He thinks first and foremost about the future. Works now to live in comfort afterwards. Dreams man rarely. Prefers to live in reality rather than fantasy.
  2. He’s restrained. Rarely gives his opinion. Doesn’t seek to prove something to anyone.
  3. He’s consistent. The male Taurus is not afraid to take responsibility for acts or decisions. Can take the blame for his soulmate’s actions.
  4. He’s simple. Does not need attention, acts according to plan, with its problems tries to understand on its own.
  5. He has his own opinion on everything. It’s difficult to convince Taurus. It’s even harder to manipulate a man born from April 21 to May 21.

The facts about the Taurus Woman

, who was born between April 21 and May 21, are a mystery for everyone. Sorting out her character is harder than learning Chinese. We will have to spend years to understand the representative of this zodiacal sign.

Some facts about Calf Women.

  1. She always looks perfect. And for that she doesn’t have to stand for hours in front of a mirror. Able to mesmerize men with all its kind.
  2. She knows how to manipulate. A woman is able to twist men, making puppets out of them. And representatives of the strong sex will fulfill her whim with pleasure.
  3. She’s a realist. Doesn’t like to build illusions, to dream. Prefers to live here and now. Has clear views on life, always follows his principles.
  4. She’s patient. The Taurus Woman has an iron will and colossal patience. To get her out of balance, you have to try. But if you criticize a woman too often, can be remembered and retaliated.
  5. She knows what she wants. The Taurus Woman has a clear idea of how she wants to live. She knows well what kind of man she needs. Prefers to act independently. The man will interest her in case interests match. Appearance for the Female Taurus does not play a special role.

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