Zodiac Sign Capricorn: facts about men and women

People born from December 22 to January 20 have powerful willpower. They know what they want and achieve the desired result. Not afraid to be alone. Can ignore public opinion if it doesn’t fit their views. But at the same time Capricorns are cherished by close people. They will never betray, but neither will they forget.

Interesting facts about Capricorns

  1. Careerists. Work for representatives of the zodiacal sign occupies one of the main positions in life. Capricorns are able to work for days long. At the same time, the maximum will be laid out. Able to show all their professionalism. Careers for them are a way of expressing themselves.
  2. Stubborn. Capricorns are able to show enviable stubbornness. However, they may change their minds if we cite evidence and facts. Capricorns won’t defend their point when they realize it’s wrong. But proving something to representatives of this sign is very hard.
  3. Wounded. Capricorns know how to keep external calm. But behind this mask hides a wounded soul. Offending Capricorn is easy. There will be no revenge, but he will remember. However, the representative of this zodiacal sign will not show the surrounding people their true feelings.
  4. Gambling. Capricorns adore competitors, enemies. The more rivals in their lives, the better off they are. In this case, they will strive even harder to win. In doing so, Capricorn is able to perform dastardly deeds to achieve his.
  5. Patient. Capricorns understand that we have to work long and hard. Otherwise, the desire to realize will not succeed. And on their way to a dream, they are capable of being patient. Where others surrender, Capricorns will continue to work. Representatives of the sign can work for years even if there are no visible results.

Facts about Female Captors

A woman born between December 22 and January 20 is a holistic person.$ She looks at the world and the people around them realistically. It does not feed illusions and does not hang in clouds. Prefers to achieve everything on your own, rather than wait for gifts from fate.

A few facts about Capricorn Women.

  1. She doesn’t like anything that is temporary. Each task is suited responsibly. Doesn’t change work, hobbies every year. Aims for a serious, long romantic relationship. Will choose that man who is successful, secured and balanced. This is not due to calculability or mercantility. It’s just that Capricorn Woman is able to plan and think rationally.
  2. She knows how to manipulate. Externally, the Capricorn Woman can look soft and yielding. However, her character is tough, strong-willed. She is able to manipulate those around her. And does it discreetly. Her victim will consider performing some action because she herself desires it.
  3. She knows how to work and expects the same from close people. Family members won’t be able to lie on the couch like that. The Capricorn Woman is sure to lift them up and force them to do anything. She is adamant that people close to her need to be successful. And to do that, they need to work.
  4. She can be friends. A Capricorn woman can be entrusted with any mystery. She won’t discuss someone else’s secret with outsiders.
  5. She has intuition. Having a sixth sense helps avoid getting into many dangerous situations. Intuition woman perfects, hones. Periodically even the future can predict. Therefore, Capricorn Woman’s advice should be taken seriously.

Facts about Male Capricorns

A man born between 22 December and 20 January has qualities such as firmness of character and prudence. He hides his emotions perfectly, always looks calm and cold. Devotes a lot of time to his career. Success at work allows Capricorns to remain confident.

Some facts about Men Capricorns.

  1. They’re right. Never go to betrayal. Deception is only capable in the most extreme cases.
  2. They are able to set goals and successfully achieve them. Male capricorns know how to plan. Clearly go along the chosen path, without winding down or stopping. They always know when exactly they will achieve the necessary result.
  3. They are mandatory. If the Capricorn Man is going to do something, he’s sure to do it.
  4. They know how to take responsibility. At the same time, they can answer not only for their mistakes, but also for the blunders of close people.
  5. They are practical. Waste is not about Capricorns. First and foremost, they seek to meet their basic needs. Then they will try to help close people. And only then can you think about luxury.

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