Why you cant sleep with your feet to the door

There is such a sign that you can’t sleep with your feet to the door. The basis of this superstition is the rite of renunciation of the deceased person during the funeral from home. You must have noticed that the dead are being kicked forward from the house. Far from being an accident, this tradition comes from ancient Scandinavia.

Exit to another world

In the antiquity of the northern lands, people believed that the world consists of three parts: Midgard is the world of people surrounded by Utgard (another world) on all sides, the world hazards and monsters.$ There was also another world, the world of gods — Asgard. According to this belief, the ancient people thought their home was Midgard, which is protected by walls and doors from the surrounding Utgard. For this reason, the door was considered a way out into the world of the already deceased, their souls.


dream Scandinavians considered a short death when a person’s soul separates from the body and goes into some space.

People thought if sleeping with their feet to the door, then the soul comes out of the body and heads for the exit, to the otherworldworld, from where it would be difficult to return. Taking away the dead man’s feet forward is from the same belief, as the soul of the deceased man has nothing to do among the living.

Versions of modernity

When asked why you can’t sleep with your feet to the door, there is also a more modern answer. Many note, when you sleep with your feet to the door, sleep comes restless, nightmares are all from the fact that a person subconsciously feels defenseless.

The teaching of fen shui links this tradition with the movement of energies and calls for sleeping strictly on the sides of the world, but so that at no position you will not be feet to the door or to the window, because in such a position there is an outflow of vital energy. After sleep, there will be no feeling of the rest, there will be no relaxation during the night.

It is also forbidden to lie in front of the mirror, it steals energy.

Slavic belief

Ancient Slavs were heathen and believed in the forces of nature, they believed that the God of darkness and night mgla remains outside the door at that time time as the occupants of the house light the inside of the room. An open door in principle concealed danger and was a barrier to dark forces, sleeping with feet to the door — meant endangering yourself, because the God of darkness could conspire with domestic uncleanness (until now many believe in householders and courtyards) which will help him pull a sleeping man by his feet out the door. They

also believed that during the fog, when the eyes of the blacksmith god Swarog are caught, evil forces penetrate the door crevice, they also seek to take possession of the spirit of man, stealing his body.

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