Why believe black cats bring unfortunately

What symbolizes the black cat in different cultures and myths

Since the Middle Ages the black cat is considered the main symbol of misfortune. This opinion is still held by residents of the United States, India, China and many countries in Europe. For centuries, cats with black colors have been credited with witchcraft abilities and a connection with impure power.

Thus, the title of a magical animal with superpowers was strengthened behind cats, and people tried to use them in almost all rituals.

People believed that witches turned into these animals. And in 1484. Pope Innocent VIII, in one of his speeches, referred to black cats as pagan beasts that consist in collusion with the devil himself. It was because of this from the 14th century that the Inquisition began burning unfortunate animals at the stake.

However, there are also opposing opinions. So, for example, in the UK or Japan meeting with a black cat bodes well. In Scotland, this animal sitting on a porch portends wealth and well-being.

And in Germany there are two beliefs at the same time: if a black cat crosses your road from right to left, it is to trouble, if from left to right – fortunately.

The black cat as a symbol of luck originates from Ancient Egypt. It was there that cats were believed to be sacred animals and carry grace and peace together to the house.

Debunking the myth “black cat to unhappiness”

To completely dispel the myth surrounding the negative aura of a black cat, it is necessary to deal with its origin. In reality, this colour of this animal is associated with a gene mutation.

Initially, pure black cats could very rarely be encountered, but over time, due to gradual pollution of the atmosphere, there was a malfunction at the gene level. Due to the mutation, the main pigment that is responsible for coloring the animal — melanin — is almost not distributed to the coat of the cat, which leads to black color.

After such an explanation, hardly a black cat can be called a source of evil. However, this does not prohibit you from believing in signs and miracles.

Signs of different peoples associated with the black cat

Here are some beliefs and signs associated with the black cat:

Alien cat in the house — to trouble (Russian folk sign).
Before entering into a new hizba on the first night it is necessary to let black cock and chicken in, and on the second black cat and cat (Russian folk belief).
The black cat, who dreams the night before Christmas, bodes for disease (Russian folk sign).
Demons tempt the saints by being them in the image of black cats (from the writings of medieval monks).
The cat aboard the ship is a happy sign. If the cat falls overboard, do not pass the storm (sign of English sailors).
If the black cat is in the house – it will never transfer lovers (old English sign).

Based on the above, whether a black cat will prophesy luck or bring misfortune depends entirely on your mood. Respect the brethren of our lesser, and they will bring you only happiness!

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