Where to find cards with “Spider-Man” heroes


One of the most popular series of game cards is the release of “Spider-Man. Heroes and Villains”, the full collection includes 275 cards from the first issue, 275 from the second and now issued cards from the third issue. Famous heroes and villains from American comics are drawn on the cards: Spider-Man, Torch Man, Ice Man, Hulk, Hercules, Spider-Woman, Doctor Doom, Jackal, Black Widow, etc. in good quality, they show game parameters of characters: intelligence, strength, speed and agility, special skills, combat skills.


Issue Cards of “Spider-Man. Heroes and Villains” you can purchase at stalls trading newspapers and magazines. They are sold in small packages (boosters) of 8 cards. The cost of the booster is approximately 40 to 70 rubles.


You can buy game cards along with “Spider-Man” magazines. Heroes and Villains.” The magazine is published twice a year, the cost of the room is about 170 rubles. Magazines can be purchased at kiosks or ordered via the internet.


Required cards can be bought or bought from those who collect them. As a rule, each collector accumulates a number of duplicates that can be exchanged for cards that are not in the collection. There are many resources on the network dedicated to collecting game cards. On many you can purchase both individual cards and entire collections. Most cards are common, but some are very rare, as not invested in all magazines and boosters.


Go to Laststicker’s website. You will find a community of collectors with whom you can exchange. In the “Shop” section you will have the opportunity to purchase cards you are interested in. Take a look at the Sticker resource, where you can also buy cards you are interested in, and sell excess or make a mutually beneficial exchange.


You can find the missing cards on the Fullcollection website. After entering the page, enter the number of the card you are interested in in the search line. You will be provided with the necessary links. Registration is required to use the resource.

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