What the volcano dreams

At the associative level, a volcano can be perceived as a dangerous and unpredictable object. In the dreaming world, however, a volcano is not always a symbol filled with negative meaning.

When a man watches in the night vision a “sleeping” volcano and climbs it as if on a steep mountain, it promises the dream success in affairs. He will be able to cope with adverse circumstances, luck will be on his side.

If fire breaks out from the depths of the volcano, such a dream heralds liberation from the unpleasant and strong emotions that have long troubled the dreaming. Such liberation will bring harmony and tranquility, therefore it is not worth resisting.

A lonely person who saw an erupting volcano in his dream should be pleased with such a dream. Sonny claims: soon it will be possible to get acquainted with a new interesting personality, with which a romantic relationship will strike up. In doing so, the novel will be passionate, turbulent, very vivid and emotional. It is likely that this relationship will not reach the wedding, but it will leave only good memories behind.


be in a dream near a volcano that puffs, trembles and “spits out” lava, rocks, is not the most favorable sign. In life, a dreaming person must be careful and circumspect. He needs to learn to hear and listen to people, to manage his own emotions. There is a great chance that fate will bring down the dreaming man with people who get him into a heated argument. An altercation can escalate into a very heated scandal or even a fight.

When in a dream from an erupting volcano the flow of fiery hot lava pours, according to the sleepers it is decoded as a warning of danger. A person who dreamt like this risks a big fight with relatives and friends. In addition, it can allow many serious errors in work, make wrong decisions that will have negative consequences.


loved-up dream in which an extinct or old volcano was present does not bode well. A streak of bad luck will begin in life, and relations with passion will deteriorate dramatically. There is a risk of treason or break-up.

If a young girl sees in a dream “sleeping” or an extinct volcano, in life she will expect boredom, loneliness and monotonous gray days. You need to stock up on strength and patience to relive such a period of gloom and stagnation painlessly.

When a dreamwitness sinks in the red-hot lava that spills out of the volcano’s vent, such a dream should be perceived as another warning signal. In the sleepers it is said that this kind of night vision hints that the dream should become more serious, do not rush to make decisions and do not delay any business in a long box. There comes a time in his life when it will be necessary to take responsibility for all words, actions and actions.


dream, in which the volcano awakens with rumbling and hissing, reports that the dreaming man needs to curb his emotions and stop behaving so selfishly. The rude utterances, picky and remarks that the dreamwitness gives out to everyone around will lead to a dramatic deterioration in relations with people. If a person does not try to change his character, if he continues to behave selfishly and demonstratively, all this will turn out to be an extremely confusing and unpleasant situation, from which it will be difficult to get out.

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