What the swamp dreams

In sleepers, swampy terrain is rarely deciphered as something auspicious. The exception is a dream in which one sees a rotten swamp but does not come close to it. Such a night vision can promise success in affairs and financial stability. Also positively treated bright green swamp, which has islets, bunches and puddles of clean water. Such a dream bodes for success. Snowwitness will be able to catch luck by the tail, bring all important things to the end and get some benefit from the projects started.

If a dream has to ravel through the swamp, it portends gossip and rumors. Someone is deliberately trying to slanden a dream-seeker. When in a dream man wanders for a long time in a desert and dark swamp, and it is bound in a quagmire, it means that in his life he is already waiting for numerous worries, hassles and problems. Snowwitness has chosen the wrong way to achieve the goal, now he will have to spend a lot of effort and time to achieve at least minimal success.

Getting bogged down, drowning in a swamp in your sleep is a dangerous caveat. First, there is a risk of getting seriously ill. Secondly, sleepers believe that such dreaming appears before the onset of an adverse stage in life. There is a risk of losing all savings, going bankrupt. Getting out of debt won’t be easy. Also, drowning in your sleep in a swamp — to tears, disappointments in loved ones, or even in yourself. It is very likely that the dreamwitness will face treachery, treason, deception.

If in the night vision a man sees himself in the center of a vast swamp, it means that in reality he will not have the strength to complete all the started things. He will not be able to live up to expectations, relatives or colleagues at work, superiors will be greatly disappointed in him. The inability to find a way out of the swampy terrain — to difficulties in all spheres of life. Snowwitness will be in a situation where the future will be perceived as something illusory and enlightening.

When in a dream a man walks carelessly on a swamp, in reality he needs to pay attention to his health. Sleepers recommend taking a pause, a vacation, allowing yourself a little rest. Otherwise, there is a great risk of getting sick due to maldice and overwork.

Sitting on a swamp watching the entire terrain descend into darkness — to depression and prolonged stagnation. Snowwitness will face in life with such circumstances, which he will not be able to overcome. Hands down, self-belief will go away. The help that the dreamwitness counts on will not be forthcoming at the right time.

Watching in a dream as someone familiar sinks in a swamp is not the most favorable sign. Sonniks claim that such night vision bodes for the breakdown of relations, quarrels and interruptions both with friends and colleagues, relatives.

If, according to a dream story, a person suddenly comes out to a swamp and then starts drowning in it, it means that in real life he will get into bad company. If the dreamwitness is in love, the dream warns: he chose the wrong person for the relationship. The person for which the dreamwitness has strong feelings does not reciprocate him, but only uses him for his self-serving purposes. I dreamt the stomp before the wedding — the marriage will be unsuccessful and very hard.

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