What the rainbow dreams

If a person is lucky enough to see a bright rainbow in a dream, it can be deciphered as a sign of imminent change. At the same time, the changes will be exceptionally pleasant, positive and long-awaited. Relationships within the family will be established, any old issues and disputes will be resolved, and communication with distant relatives will be strengthened.


snowwitness who observed a rainbow in his sleep may be calm for his financial situation. Wealth and prosperity await him. It is likely that you will find a stable additional source of income. Unexpected valuable finds, expensive gifts and winnings in the casino, lottery are not excluded. Rainbow is a sign that now it is worth taking a new job, asking for a salary increase from superiors or trying to take a higher position.

If a student or schoolboy before an important exam, the test, saw a rainbow in his sleep, according to the sleepers it means that he is expected to be high praise and praise from the teacher.

When a poor person or someone who is in a difficult financial situation, suddenly dreamed a rainbow, then soon monetary issues will be resolved, will get out of debt. If a dream with a rainbow is seen to a man wealthy and wealthy, it promises him prosperity, good health and a long happy life.

The rainbow in the sleepers is often seen as a sign from higher forces. The dreaming in which the rainbow appeared reports divine patronage. And also hints that it’s time to engage in spiritual growth. The dredge should take time to himself, to engage in self-development. In addition, a person who suddenly dreamt a rainbow may be calm: no misfortune will meet on his way any time soon. His guardian angel is nearby, he will save from problems, take away trouble.

If in the night vision there was a multicolored shining on the sky after a long rain, the sleepers explain it this way: in the near future there will be a lot of difficulties and problems in life, but the dreamwitness will manage to cope with them. After stagnation and sadness will come clear and joyful days. Despite the events of enemies or competitors, a person who observed the rainbow in a dream will manage to achieve the goals set. He’s chosen the right path in life, he doesn’t need to doubt his powers or abilities.

People who are not in a relationship, rainbow in a dream promises a new romantic adventure. Soon there will be an interesting person who will literally charm. Easy flirting is likely to devolve into a serious relationship that could even culminate in a lush wedding.

When under the cover of night comes a light vision that there are two rainbows in the sky, this should be regarded as a very favorable omen. A similar dream promises: in the next few days it will be possible to reconcile with those with whom the dreamwitness was in quarrel for a long time. Old friends and comrades can remind themselves, who will share valuable information, important news. Snowwitness will find a common language with the man on whom his fate will depend in the future. In addition, he will be able to prevail over enemies and competitors.

Among the negative interpretations of sleep about the rainbow, it is worth noting the following: sometimes a similar night vision appears when a snowwitness has too many baseless fears. A sleep-fading rainbow warns of breaking up with a loved one or losing a friend. If in the dream the rainbow suddenly flares, and then quickly extinguished, it signals that the streak of success and luck in life will flicker very quickly. And after it will come problems and difficulties, for which it is necessary to prepare in advance morally.

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