What songs to start learning to play guitar

Selection Criteria

The most important component of any learning is motivation, and learning to play guitar is no exception. People come to the need for such learning in different ways: someone through music school, but most of them are driven by the desire to learn how to play their favorite songs on their own. It will be just about the second category.

As has already been mentioned, first of all pupils are eager to play their favorite song, and in most cases it turns out to be “Nothing else matters” by Metallica, “Stairway to Heaven” Led Zeppelin or “Smoke on the water” and other unconditional world hits. Encouraged, enthusiastic beginner guitarist begins to master the first notes of his favorite composition and is confronted by the tangles of tablature, the complexity of technical techniques and the necessity of stretch your fingers into 4 frets. After several days of unsuccessful attempts, in most cases the interest fades and the guitar is thrown into the far corner.

In order to avoid such development, mastering the instrument should begin with technically simple songs consisting of the simplest chords, specifically: Am, Em, E, G, C, Dm, D, A. These chords include three notes each located at the beginning of the vulture, and it is in taking these chords that the aspiring guitarist should be trained. By the way, these chords consist of a huge number of songs, including the band Kino, a variety of army and others, which you probably heard at a campfire or on a bench in the yard.

Recommended songs

The first few songs should be selected in such a way that when studying them you have mastered all the basic chords, learn how to properly set hands and pose. Here’s a list of several of the most popular songs you’ve certainly heard and loved.

Out of competition, surely “A Star Named Sun” by the Kino Group. Four chords that almost any resident of our country has heard: Am, C, Dm, G, combined with uncomplicated combat give the perfect blend of simplicity and sanity much needed by an aspiring guitarist.

“ Like in War” by the Agatha Christie Band. Absolute hit! The simplest and extremely common fight “six” will help you get used to the guitar, and the very knowledge of this composition will make you a welcome guest at any campfire and on any get-togethers.

The same group can include songs such as: “There is no way out”, “Eighth grader”, “I drink to the bottom for those in the sea” (this song features a barre, the study of which is also necessary) and many others.

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