What is whale lens”

The name of the whale lens comes from the English Kit, this word translates to “kit” or “set”. This term denotes a photographic lens going complete with a camera. Traditionally, they are cameras that allow you to change the lens, and the whale goes to them as a regular.

Kind of whale lenses

If desired, the photographer can purchase a camera without a lens, in which case he manages to save. What concerns whale lenses, often in the market of professional equipment such equipment is found from plastic. Manufacturers try to make whale lenses as versatile and inexpensive as possible, so metal elements in them are minimal.

There is a division of whale lenses by:

•Long focal – they are also called telephoto lenses. These lenses feature a long focal length, for example 70-300 mm or 55-200 mm. Long-focus whale lenses choose for shooting portraits, close-ups.

• Short-focus – such large format lenses have an angle of view from 17 to 85 mm. Therefore, they can be used to shoot cityscapes and even portraits. Short-focus photo lenses are the most popular delivery option.
Separately highlight also the “Double” Kit or Double Kit – it is a variant of delivery of equipment complete with two lenses — telephoto lens and wide-focus.

How to choose a whale lens

Universal “Kit” will be the optimal choice if you still understand the basics of the photo department or have to often go to the shooting. To save space in a backpack or bag, you can take not several different lenses, but one Kit. And although experts believe that whale photographic lenses are almost impossible to shoot in conditions of poor lighting, this technique can be adapted to.

Also, the shortcomings of “Whales” can be attributed to insufficient sharpness and “closure” of the picture, so the detail of the photos becomes problematic. But still the contrast between a “soap dish” and a SLR camera with a whale regular lens will be striking. It is also necessary to remember that the quality of the lens will depend directly on the manufacturer.

Whale lenses allow in practice to understand the details of automatic or manual focus and other nuances. Entry-level lenses are a great option for an amateur or “advanced” photographer who can’t afford expensive optics yet.

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