What ice dreams

In sleepers, ice often acts as a symbol of wilting, dying. However, do not panic, considering that ice dreamed up the death of his or a relative, a friend. It is not uncommon for ice in sleep to report dying in a figurative sense. For example, communication with any acquaintances and companions with whom they have survived. Or you will have to change profession, place of work, move to another country, do some new business, renouncing past — “dead” — life.

Sometimes ice in sleep heralds internal transformations. The dreamer will manage to cope with his fears or experiences, anxieties. He will learn to look differently at his life and the world around, change settings and life benchmarks.

If a dream is dreamed in which a person is forced to walk on thin and slippery ice, such a dream warns of the beginning of a difficult period in life. It will be necessary to act extremely carefully to “not decode the ice”. Now you need to give up the rush, you shouldn’t take risks and throw yourself into extremes.

If, in a dream, a dreamwitness falls under thin ice, it promises the collapse of any endeavors. The plans are not destined to come true, any effort will be in vain.

The presence in ice dreams reports impending health problems. If there was a huge glum of ice in the night vision or there was an iceberg, the dreamer should pay attention to the digestive organs. There is a risk of poisoning or aggravation of any chronic stomach, bowel pathology. When in a dream a person drinks water with ice, it bodes for problems with the throat, the entire oral cavity and with the teeth, with the voice, as well as with the lungs. Fall on ice or be locked under a thick layer of ice — to serious injuries, accidents, accidents or to contracting a serious illness that will bite to bed for a long time.

Seeing your iced house in a dream or watching icicles form on the roof of a building, on a fence or staircase is a very bad omen. The sleepers claim that a similar night vision warns of problems in the family. Thefts or fire in the apartment are possible. Soon the financial situation will deteriorate dramatically, poverty will come to the family, which will not be easy to get rid of. There will be prolonged stagnation in all matters, cooling feelings between relatives.

If a sun has dreamed up, which stomps ice floes, it heralds difficulties in relationships with loved ones, friends or colleagues at work. A dredge should prepare for the fact that someone of acquaintances will ruin the mood or derail plans. Major interruptions with friends are likely. From distant relatives will fly to lead, which will distress, make much worry or even cry.

Ice dreamed up suddenly in the summer bodes for change. What will they be like? Depends on the context of the dream and on the emotions that the dreamwitness experienced during the vision.

If the dream was light and joyful, the mood after it was uplifted, then changes will come favorable and welcome. That being said, they won’t make themselves wait long.

If the dream with ice was filled with gloom, turned out to be heavy or almost nightmarish, it is worth preparing for the “black strip”. Negative changes will break into life on all sides, it will not be saved from them.

In rare cases, ice is treated as a positive sign. When in a dream a person passes a frozen river (lake, other body of water) without problems, it means that in life he is waiting for success. Slide on the icy surface — to bright moments in life and brief joyous events. To see cute sparkling ice floes – to an interesting meeting, to a new acquaintance. To hold a piece of ice in your hands – it will be able to cope with internal experiences, “freeze emotions”, without making serious mistakes on the path of life.

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