What drawing books are suitable for beginners

Self-learning to draw is a complex but very exciting process. Help beginners to believe in themselves, discover their creative opportunities, acquire an individual style and create their first works are designed by numerous editions designed specifically for beginners artists.

The most affordable books for beginners

The most understandable and accessible drawing books for aspiring artists include “The best lessons. Drawing Anything” by Ken Goldman, “Drawing for “Dummies”” by Brenda Hoddinott, “Everyone Can Draw! First Steps” by Ute Ludwig-Kaiser, “Draw All! Complete Drawing Course for Beginners” Peter Gray and Barber Barrington. All the listed editions contain simple tasks available for beginners, allowing you to get acquainted with the initial techniques of drawing and master different genres of fine art — from still life and landscape to portrait and depiction of human figure.

Drawing and painting: from the basics to the comprehension of the profession

peculiar introduction to drawing for beginners is the book “Drawing. Basics and technique. Practical course” by E.S. Rozanova. In it you can find a brief history of the drawing, get acquainted with materials, tools and basic techniques of drawing. A number of books offers a popular step-by-step method of teaching drawing, allowing to reach quite a high level, starting with the basics. Among them are “Drawing” by Lauren Jarrett and Lisa Lenard, “The Art of Drawing” by Bert Dodson, “The Art of Drawing. Textbook for aspiring artists” by Amilcar Verdelli, “Drawing. Course for Beginners” edited by Francisco Asensio Cervera, “Figure. Basic Course” by Peter Stanier and Terry Rosenberg.

Those wishing to learn both drawing and painting can use the following editions: “Drawing and painting. Full course of study” (authors — Ian Sidway, Angela Ger, James Harton, Patricia Monahan, and Albany Wiseman), “Drawing and Painting. Full Course” Hazel Harrison, “Drawing and Painting. First Steps to the Artist’s Mastery” Mike Chaplin. They tell in detail about all applied materials and techniques of drawing and painting, the method of teaching the creation of works in various genres is presented.

All these books will help anyone to improve in a fascinating hobby, and perhaps – to take the first steps to mastering an interesting creative profession.

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