Tree of Happiness in Ending Technical

You will need
  • – corrugated paper;
  • – small flower pot;
  • – bamboo sleepers – 4 pcs;
  • – thermogun;
  • – thermoglue;
  • – artificial moss
  • – plastic Christmas tree ball
  • – scissors
  • – handle rod –
  • alabaster –
  • PVA glue
  • – green acrylic paint
  • – – brown acrylic paint.

So, first you need to make a trunk for the future tree of happiness. We’ll create it from bamboo spatula. Take a thermogun, apply glue to the sleepers and glue them together.


Then the resulting barrel must be inserted into the Christmas tree plastic ball. To do this, lubricate the sleepers with glue, then, accordingly, insert into the toy. All this should be done with a thermogun. By the way, the sharp ends of the spatula should be inside the ball. Glue everything carefully and extremely carefully.


Now it’s up to the alabaster. Otherwise it is called construction plaster. We breed a small amount of this substance in water to a state of thick sour cream. Put the resulting mixture in a small flower pot, but not until the edge. Remember that alabaster will need to be hidden under moss. So it needs to leave space for him. We put our billet in there for the tree of happiness. Try to set it exactly in the middle. Let the plaster dry.


If the Christmas tree ball is not in the tone of wood, it must be painted with acrylic paint. It is necessary to ensure that when light hits it, it does not shine or reflect. By the way, the trunk should be painted too, only not in green, but brown.


Now we move to the most important – to the decoration of wood. Before proceeding, it is necessary to cut the quadratics of corrugated paper. Size can choose, of course, any, but the most optimal is 2×2 centimeters.
Getting to grips. In fact, it’s a very simple technique. And everyone will understand her. Take the rod from the pen, put in the center of the paper square and start swirling the paper around it. Then dip in PVA glue right on the bar, then stick to the ball. We do so with all the quadratics. Glue is best from the bottom up, and very tight to each other, so that there are no unnecessary lights left.


Once the slandering is complete, we proceed to decorate the tree of happiness. Put artificial moss in a pot and decorate the crown with beads. Our topiary is ready!

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