Styles: how to organize a party

Styles are a 1950s youth subculture. The basic principles of the current were expressed in protest against norms and stereotypes of society. Styles communicated in their own slang and gravitated towards Western music and dance. The

stylish party is guaranteed to be remembered by the invited guests, will leave a bright impression and pleasant fatigue in the legs due to the rampant dancing and fun.

How to arrange a room

Choosing a place for a party, take into account that a large area for dancing is needed.

Decorate the room itself with garlands, multicolored lanterns, vinyl records. Hang out colored ties, photos of Elvis and posters from the movie Styles.

An old tape recorder with bobins will fit in well. It can be put on a table by scattering non-worthwhile dollars nearby.

How to meet guests

At the entrance to the room where the party will take place, put a man in a long dark cloak. Meeting the guests, let him open the floors and offer to buy “goods”: multicolored glasses, ties, socks, chupa-chupsy, etc.

Next to the guests comes “chuviha” and asks a secret question: “Uncle” Does Yosya work here?”. Let each of the invited people come up with their own version of the answer. That will set the tone for a future event.

The program of the evening

preparing for the party, select the music for dancing. These could be movie soundtracks, songs by bands like Bravo, Time Machine, Secret, Zero and, of course, songs by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry.

In advance, pair with someone a few dances of that time. In the heat of the evening you will be an example for those who can’t dance stylistic dances. Step out into the center of the hall and boldly bring the crowd.

Hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches and cold snacks, coca cola, martinis and whisky cocktail with cola will be suitable as a treat.

Be sure to play Bottle. It is the most popular game among styles. It is not necessary to kiss a person on the lips, you can dispense with the cheek. You can also organize competitions for the best connoisseur of stylish slang, the most original way of tying a tie, etc.

Don’t forget to warn guests about the dress code. For young people will suit pants, bright shirts, contrasting ties and socks, colored boots. Girls can choose dresses with a curvy hem, skirts, tight bright pants with an inflated waist, tight tops and shoes combined with bright socks.

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