Slavic animal horoscope: the bear

Bear Man dreams of a quiet and easy life. He does not like drastic changes and is hard to relive moments when difficulties and obstacles appear on his life path. Such a person does not tolerate senseless fuss and haste. From the side he can seem slow and a little brooding.

People born under the sign of a bear by Slavic animal horoscope can be lazy and a little sluggish, initiative. However, sometimes laziness and desire to relax help them in life. Such traits force the bear people to do work quickly and preferably so that after nothing should be redone. By completing any tasks, they focus entirely on the process to prevent any mistakes.

The bear man is serious enough, attentive, punctuated and responsible, but he will never take the blame for someone else’s misses. If the man-bear is a leader on the team, he will prove himself as a reasonably demanding and picky — sometimes even too nerdy — supervisor.

The man patronized by the forest brown bear is not particularly ambitious. He tries not to build useless illusions, nor does he chase glory, wealth, notoriety or prosperity. However, he strives to create harmony, comfort and coziness in his life. It’s important to him that he has the opportunity to have a good rest. At the same time, the man-bear knows how to settle for small, he is able to see joy in small things. And in those situations where other people don’t live but survive, the man-bear adapts and after a short period of time starts to feel quite comfortable.

People born under the sign of a bear are not too well developed intuition. They are rationalists, the logical thinking they have dominates the figurative, creative. Thanks to the ability to make plans out of man-bears, good strategists turn out. Leisurely, reasonableness, and consistent actions, pre-planned, all help bear people to successfully achieve their goals. Let them not take off quickly on the career ladder, but they are still able to achieve success. The same goes for creativity: man-bear may be talented in any kind of art, but he is extremely leisurely, consistently developing his abilities.

The man-bear is a generous personality. His generosity is able to manifest literally in everything. Also, a very loyal and devoted friend is made out of him. The man-bear can find the right words to support relatives and loved ones during a difficult period of life. He has a great sense of humor, he converges easily with people. Such personality often gives the impression of some soft and cozy person, with whom you want to embrace and with whom you want to exchange warmth.

People, according to the Slavic horoscope of animals being bears, try to look at life simply, but not through glasses of pink glasses. They don’t like rude and strident people, don’t respect lies and are always ready to stand up for a weak and divided person. One of the positive features of such personalities is the ability to laugh at oneself. Similarly, the man-bear drops the tension that has accumulated inside, and also has more people around him.

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