Slavic animal horoscope: hamster

Fast life, filled with various events, deeds and responsibilities, plunges the hamster man almost into despondency. He much more likes the measured course of time, when you don’t need to spend a lot of effort on the performance of any duties. While in a situation of multitasking, the human-hamster turns into an uncollected, fussy, nerve-restless personality. Any upheaval and change forces the hamster man to experience a diverse range of emotions. They plunge him into a state of stress with which the person born under this sign is not particularly able to cope.

People patronized by a little rodent can work as well as rest. However, work for them is often associated with torment. They are a bit lazy in nature, often engaging in procrastination. It can be difficult for them to take their hands, to gather themselves and to embark on decisive action. Numerous work duties, rules and deadlines to be followed, various reports and routine work cases – all of which plunges the hamster man into a state of if not panic, then light despondency. Such personalities are difficult to work according to the usual conventional schedule. There are many hamsters among people who “swing” only by lunch, and those who love to get up later. Morning for the hamster man is often the most hateful time.

Because of all the features that are inherent in people born under the hamster sign, such individuals should choose as a business of life not office work. They can turn out fine artists and freelancers. Human-hamster is easier to work hard without sleep and rest a few days in a row, to then fall without strength and enjoy rest, than to work in a five-day format, consistently performing routine deeds.

Hamster Man is a domosed. He likes to be in a cozy and comfortable home environment, read books or watch fascinating movies. However, such a person also likes to communicate, but to pull it to a noisy event or to a nightclub can be difficult. Being surrounded by a large number of people, taking initiative and staying active yes invigorated, the hamster man quickly becomes exhausted. After a similar pastime that is accompanied by various emotions that need to be “digested”, the hamster man wishes to hibernate. He needs to stay in silence and alone for a while, relax fully to make up for the reserves of strength and energy.

Hamster people are hospitable enough. Therefore, they are more likely to call for acquaintances and friends than they will go to a noisy party. Often the passion of a hamster man is collecting, because in his apartment there is always something to see.


person who appeared under the sign of a rodent according to the Slavic horoscope of animals, can be attributed to the number of foodies. Such personality likes to eat tasty and hearty. Hamster people get good chefs and confectioners. However, if such a person does not choose any such profession for himself, he prepares homes for relatives and friends with great pleasure. He’s not afraid of experimenting with food, always willing to try something unusual and delicious.

Hamster people are advised to keep an eye on their diet so as not to face digestive problems. And also they need to learn not to eat stress and problems with various treats.

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