Slavic animal horoscope: grasshoppers

A person who by the sign of the Slavic horoscope of animals is a grasshopper is active and positive. He tries to find advantages in everything, is able to infect others with good mood and strong faith in a bright future. Such a person, if and dejected, diligently does not show it. The grasshopper is skilled at hiding his experiences and anxieties. He is able to curb grim emotions, only so as not to destroy that bright and optimistic image he has managed to create.


human grasshopper is sociable and open to the world. He often becomes the soul of company. He has quite a sense of humor. In addition, such a personality is able to support conversations on various topics. And all because she willingly learns, reads a lot and spends a lot of time getting some new interesting information in different fields. However, it is often the case that all knowledge of the human grasshopper is superficial. He has a brilliant memory, but at the same time he is unstoppable. The human grasshopper is not capable of doing any one thing for long. With energy boiling in him, he is eager to experience a sense of elation from new and sudden discoveries all the time. Therefore, having received the first bright emotions, he “jumps” to the side, having decided that to go deeper into some topic doesn’t make sense. The long process of study or practice puts boredom on the person who is patronized by the grasshopper.

People born under a grasshopper sign usually grab to hundreds of cases at once. They try to catch everything and everywhere. They seem to have an inexhaustible supply of internal energy. However, such people do not boast willpower. They quickly burn out, so they throw the started business halfway through. Moreover, they without a struggle put their hands down and admit defeat if suddenly they face any difficulties. In rare cases, people grasshoppers still return to what previously abandoned, and bring the started to a brilliant final. However, despite the fact that a grasshopper can be torn between hundreds of cases, usually his personal grand plans he still tries to implement.

On the side, the human grasshopper seems to be a successful personality who can conquer any pinnacles. In fact, the human grasshopper is afraid to take steps forward, afraid to take risks. Inside it everything trembles and shrinks when you need to make any decision that will seriously affect the easy and familiar life. However, people grasshoppers try not to show their cowardice to unfamiliar personalities. Only family and close friends know about their anxieties and experiences, whom grasshoppers sincerely trust. In society, such personalities try to “put dust in the eyes” in order not to impress a hesitant, integrated and insecure person.

Due to lack of will and due to internal fears, anxieties the human grasshopper in rare cases builds a brilliant, distinguished career. It is very often the case that such individuals, having all the necessary talents and skills, occupy low positions all their lives. They are afraid to come forward, are wary of taking responsibility and try to learn to be content with small. Because of all this, the grasshopper is not a careerist, his work is not on the ground. It is much more attracted to creative expression, travel, interesting activities, celebrating lifestyle and communication with curious people.

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