Slavic animal horoscope: beaver

Beaver Man — personality enterprising and intelligent. He is resourceful and clever. Such people spend a lot of time to study in detail the topic they are interested in. At school or university, they usually do not have any difficulty with the subjects that attract them. The beaver man is able to grab information on the fly, he has a brilliant memory. Therefore, he can hear as a connoisseur and a professional in completely different fields.

Someone who was born under the sign of a beaver has a very creative, creative mindset. Such a person is capable of looking at a problem or task from different directions. He notices nuances and details, however he is able to highlight and main among the secondary.

Observation, combined with intelligence and knowledge, helps beavers to think through clear and working plans. They turn out good executives and strategists. In addition, the beaver man, creative approach to solving any question, can invent something amazing and attractive.

People who are patronized by the beaver don’t like fuss and hurries. They prefer to plan the time ahead, and after sticking to a set schedule. Even during the rest period, the beaver man can continue to think about everyday affairs or work tasks. He does not like to waste time, therefore he chooses useful or active recreation more often. At the same time, the beaver man does not tolerate chaos, he finds it difficult to act spontaneously, listening to intuition. If something goes not according to plan, such personality for a time may fall into a stupor or at all try to “escape” from the place of events.

Beaver Man tries to calculate everything up front. Therefore often in disputes and competitions he emerges victorious.

For people born under the sign of a beaver according to the Slavic horoscope of animals, money is of great importance. They fear poverty and poverty, so they always try to postpone the “black day”. They’re thrifty, sometimes even too stingy. If a human beaver lends someone any amount of money, then they will demand a refund within a clearly stipulated time frame.

However, people beavers tend to save money. These, for example, turn out very fanatical collectors who are willing to go to the edge of the world just to get the coveted thing into the collection. In addition, such personalities can accumulate various emotions within themselves, not being able to cope with them and not being able to release them. Gradually like this can play an evil joke, especially when emotions are mostly negative.

The beaver man magically developed flair for benefit. As if he knows in advance what proposals are worth responding to, what exactly he should do in a certain period of time. What’s more, the beaver man is able to correctly determine which people need to maintain relationships with in order to gain any benefit. People like beavers often say that they have a lot of the right connections that help them achieve goals and successfully move through life.

However, real and close friends are not treated as a “means” to achieve their own goals. They really know how to be friends, ready to help a loved one in a difficult moment. But at the same time they are extremely selective, will not begin communication with those who are not particularly interested in them.

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