Six movies with unexpected final

Your attention is presented with six films that will keep in suspense until the end of

1. Game. According to the story of the film, the brother of the main character, a very wealthy person, gives the first a certificate for the game on his birthday. At the same time, what is the essence of the game. The main character comes to the office for his gift, after which the real game begins, full of adventure and adrenaline. First to him in the house the unknown makes his way, leaving the clown, then through the TV to him someone addresses, and after and him at all try to kill unknown people. The game is involved and the brother of the hero. What’s going on? How to get out of the game? There is no answer to that question. There’s a survival game going on. And until the very end of the film, the viewer remains in the dark than it might end.

2. Island of the Damned. The main character is a participant in World War II. He comes to the island with his partner, where a mental hospital is located. Their main goal is to deal with the disappearance of the patient. But a plot is organized against him: he is persuaded that he himself needs treatment. The film will end absolutely unexpected. Than? See for yourself. 3. The abode of the damned. A young doctor arrives at a psychiatric clinic where patients, in his opinion, are treated with strange methods. Here he calls attention to the girl who went to the clinic for the murder of her husband who tortured her. At the end of the audience there is an interesting opening. 4. Perfect stranger. At the heart of the story of the film – a journalist who can write any, even the most scandalous article. She investigates the murder of a childhood friend, which is helped by her partner. The movie isn’t with the most exciting action, but the ending flips everything that went on. 5. Passenger. The main character lives an ordinary life. Many years commuting to work on the same train, seeing the same people. One of the days to the main character is planted a woman who offers the game – to find out who is going in the train for the first time. For the game, the main character who lost his job is offered a good amount of money. In the end of this game it becomes clear who is the friend and who is the enemy.

6. Disappeared. On the wedding anniversary day, the protagonist returns home and finds traces of a struggle. His wife disappeared. In the film, everything stacks up against the main character. He is practically accused of killing his wife. That being said, the evidence is against him. According to tradition, on the day of the anniversary, his wife leaves him charades, unraveling which he follows on the trail and guesses that things are not as they seem.

These films will make one think and leave a staggering impression. Look with pleasure!

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