Sign of the zodiac Sagittarius: interesting facts about men and women

Sagittarians are adored. They know how to have people around them. Brightness, dynamism, activity — all these traits are possessed by people who were born between November 23 and December 22.

Interesting facts about Sagittarians

  1. They are hesitant in relationships. Lovers Sagittarians can’t decide for a long time whether they want a relationship or the game is not worth candles. Many imagine that love will pass very quickly. Therefore, they may seem cold and calculating. But that’s not the case.
  2. They love competition. Because of this, they’re easy to get kicked up for any action. Just hinting at a contest is enough. Sagittarians love to succeed in everything. Even more strongly they like to show off their success. But do it unobtrusively, neatly.
  3. They’re very neat. This is especially pronounced while driving. And other things are treated carefully. Sagittarians are able to maintain mood and energy on the same level. And for that extreme, vivid impressions they don’t need.
  4. They are stubborn. Repeating Sagittarius is a hopeless affair. In doing so, they will not be stubbornly silent Representatives of the sign will fill up their opponent with so many arguments that it will be easier to stop the dispute.
  5. They rarely change hobbies. Something new can be added to the list of their to-do. But to strike anything out of it is for Sagittarius a task that can be called impossible.


Woman, born between November 23 and December 22, is smart, energetic and optimistic. Lightness prevails in character. A woman won’t be sad or angry for long. Any negative can carry steadfastly and calmly.

Facts about the Shooter Woman

  1. It is difficult to communicate with the man you like. At the very beginning of the relationship, the Sagittarius Woman would struggle to talk to the guy who caught her attention. However, it will be a month and things will change. Modesty will evaporate and the relationship with Sagittarius will be like a roller coaster.
  2. She’s active. Won’t let the elected person sit quietly on the couch, and itself won’t be engaged in it. And her vigour can manifest at any age.
  3. She’s confident. Achieving what you want can easily and at ease. At the same time, it will not do anything that can harm the people around us. Will not lie and provoke conflicts. All her desires the Sagittarius woman is able to realize without all this.
  4. She does first, and only then starts thinking. If the Sagittarius has decided something, she won’t listen to the advice of people around her. Quite often because of this approach, she has to face a huge number of problems.
  5. She loves independence. The female Sagittarius independently disposes of her own destiny. And this task she will never trust anyone. And it’s best not to even try to take away her freedom. Otherwise, relationships can suffer seriously.

Man Sagittarius

He is possessive, sincerely loves his chosen woman, knows how to take revenge. He will make a beautiful father and husband. The man, who was born between November 23 and December 22, sincerely believes he may be wrong and the woman may not.

The facts about the Shooter


  1. He’s not malicious. If the man born under the sign of Sagittarius did not retaliate immediately, he will not do so. The representative of the sign is incapable of holding grievances for long.
  2. It will never be imposed. Even if the man likes him a lot. It’s only enough for him to feel that the relationship has become spoiled to keep communication to a minimum.
  3. He is a multifaceted personality. Able to easily find common ground with people around them. Charms with his mind and knowledge. However, this skill will not be used for self-interest purposes.
  4. He treats neutrally to criticism. Especially if it sounded from a person who achieved nothing in life.
  5. He can be lonely. Sagittarius will easily refuse to communicate with indifferent and mean people. He can live quietly for a while and in complete solitude.

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