Sign of the Zodiac Lion: interesting facts about men and women

Lion is the real leader. He is able to manage people, set them up for victories, manipulate them. But the representative of the sign will work on a par with others. He will be a real example for people. A man born under Leo’s patronage is able to build a successful career in education.

Interesting facts about Lions

  1. They know how to work. The goals at the Lions may be different. Some work hard to achieve high status. Others need money. But in doing so, the Lions are able to work round the day to achieve the desired result.
  2. They rarely cheat. Ready to betray their soulmate only if they learn of the treason on her part. But it won’t last long. The lion will just break off the relationship.
  3. They’re cocky and active. They love taking risks. But in doing so rarely get injured or have an accident. Saves Lions self-confidence and composure.
  4. They know how to take revenge. The Lions are able to hold grudges over a long period of time. Even if several years have passed, a representative of the sign will find an opportunity to retaliate.
  5. They don’t like lying. Lions better not lie. The representatives of the sign do not carry outright lies. They can stop communicating with the person who lied to them.

Male Lion

For a man who came to light between 23 July and 22 August, features such as vanity and recalcitrance. They love advising. Don’t like it when someone refuses to listen to their recommendations. Building a relationship with a representative of the sign because of these features is difficult.

Interesting facts about Lion Man

  1. He doesn’t like to wait. Prefers to act rather than wait for comfortable moments. Doesn’t like to plan, so often runs into problems. But successfully copes with them. In this he is helped by luck and confidence.
  2. He falls easily in love. You can draw Leo into a relationship with ordinary flattery. A man likes to be listened to. To subdue Leo, it is enough to treat him with adoration and respect.
  3. He’s a real leader. A man born under Leo’s patronage is unlikely to accept a job as a handyman. He needs a status profession. For the sake of greatness and power, Leo is ready to work for days and nights.
  4. He’s gambling. For Lion, all life is just a game. He considers himself a major actor. Playing with life, money, love. He behaves royally, loves efficacy and brightness.
  5. He’s jealous. A man doesn’t even need an excuse to be jealous of his soulmate. Will try to control each step of the chosen woman. Lions rarely take their word for it.

Female Lion

Woman, born between July 23 and August 22, is highly popular among men. When choosing a partner primarily pays attention to his status and lineage. The romance is important to her, too. Lion Woman is beautiful, intelligent and confident.

Interesting facts about Lion Woman.

  1. She’s not cheating. Incapable of forgiving betrayal on the part of a partner. Treason will only go because of feelings of resentment. However, quite quickly will end the relationship with both the second half and the lover.
  2. She loves risk. Riders are often found among female lions. She adores everything to do with the extreme. But it’s very rare to get into trouble thanks to calm and confidence.
  3. She’s calm. Even in the most difficult situations behaves coolly. This character feature helps to succeed in almost all cases. She deals with problems very quickly.
  4. She loves freedom. Woman Lion is better not to limit in desires and aspirations. With the person who will try to manipulate her will quickly break off the whole relationship. And then he’ll take revenge.
  5. She doesn’t like faintly characteristic people. Even communicating with such personalities is unlikely to agree. The woman will try to surround herself with exceptionally confident and determined personalities.

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