Robert Erkart: biography, career, personal life

Biography and personal life

Robert Ercart was born on October 16, 1922. His birthplace is Allapool in Highland in the United Kingdom. He died on 21 March 1995 in Edinburgh. Ercart graduated from George Heriot High School. This educational institution is located in Edinburgh. Robert entered the Merchant Navy and became a scholarship holder as a former serviceman. So he was educated at RADA. Erkart had dreamed of a creative career since he was a child. Already in his youth he began acting in amateur theatre. The actor has received film roles since the mid-20th century.

The actor could often be seen as a participant in television projects. But real popularity to Robert was brought by roles in classic horror films by the Hammer film company. Erkart’s wife was the famous actress Zena Walker. She starred in the film “Costumer” and TV series “Poirot”. The couple, Robert is divorced. Their couple had two children. Later, Xena remarried to actor Julian Holloway, whom she also later divorced. The actress’s third husband was theatre agent John French. Walker and Ercart starred in 14 general television projects, among them shows and serials.

Beginning of his career

Robert’s account has more than 80 roles in films and TV series. His career began with his involvement in the “BBC Theatre Sunday Night” project. Erkart’s character is Charles Cameron. In 1952, he played in “Paul Temple Returns”. The character of the actor is Slater. In the same year, he was invited to play the role of Cleford Brett in a painting with the original title Tread Softly. A year later, the actor could be seen in The House of the Arrow as Jim Frobisher. In the same year, he starred in the film “Knights of the Round Table”. 1954 brought Robert roles in 3 films. Among them is a Golden Ivory painting where he played Jim Dobson. Also he starred in the film “And They Lived Happily” as Dr. Michael Flynn. Then there was the work in a movie tape with the original title Isn’t Life Wonderful! In it, he played Frank.

In 1955 Erkart was invited to play the role of Sir Philip in “The Dark Avenger”. The same year saw the start of the series “ITV Teletheatre”, in which Robert was given the role of Stanford. In parallel, he played Captain John Tregarten in the series “ITV Play of the Week”, which ran through 1974. Another work in this period took place in the TV series London Playhouse. In it, Robert was offered the role of David Naisby. He was later invited to play the role of Anthony Coldstream in the TV series “Theatre in the Armchair”. In 1956, the actor could be seen as Peter in You Can’t Escape. A year later, he got a role in Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst and starred in “The Curse of Frankenstein”. In this painting, Robert played Paul Krempe.

1958 brought the actor the role of Michael in “Dunkirk”. He then played in the TV series “No Asylum” and was invited into the miniseries picture “BBC: Sunday Night’s Play”. In 1960, Ercart appeared in the image of Brian in Trouble with Eve and played Bob Surrey in the drama Danger Tomorrow. In parallel, he was given a role in the Armchair Mystery Theatre series. In the same year, Robert was invited to film tapes “Asylum in Cairo” and “Mr. Pitkin: The Bulldog Breed”. In 1961, a screening of the TV series “The Avengers”, featuring an actor, began. During this same period, Ercart played James Boswell in the television film She Died Young.


Robert’s next work took place in the TV series “Comedy Theatre”, which ran from 1961 to 2017. In the miniseries drama “The Unknown”, he was given the role of Sam. In 1962, he was invited to “The Diary of Dr. Finley”. This series ran through 1971. Erkart’s character is Carroll. He also starred in the TV series “The Saint” as Brian, “Plane Manufacturers” as Henry Forbes. In 1963, he played in the films “55 Days in Beijing”, “After the Funeral” and The Break. Then began the series “Detective”, which ran through 1969. Robert played in it alongside work on the role of Charles Glover in the TV series “Dangerous Man” and the role of Charles Attwell in The Troubleshooters.

It was a very busy period for the actor. He could be seen in the series “Thirty Minutes of Theatre”, “Mystery and Imagination”, “Callan”, “ITV: Theatre”, “The Man in the Suitcase”. He starred as Robert MacLaine in the television film “Murder: A Professional Job”. In 1968, Erkart was invited to play the role of George Brant in The Syndicate. Robert’s filmography was then added to roles in 3 series: “Champions”, “Saturday Night Theatre on ITV” and Paul Temple. In 1970, the actor received the role of Johnson in “Mirror War”. He later played in the TV series “Death by the Hour” as Jim, Menace as Frank Smith, “Play of the Day” as Sid Morton, Late Night Theatre as James. Robert starred in the 1970 “Brotherly Love” films. 2 years later, the series “Earthbreakers” and “Royal Court”, featuring Erkart, began.

He went on to star in the series “BBC2 Theatre”, Happy Ever After, The Nearly Man and “The Professionals”. In 1976 Erkart was given a role in the painting “Gator.” 1980 brought him the role of Tom Stockman in the television film “Enemy of the People” and the role of Tolm Sargent in the TV series “Yes, Mr. Minister”, which went through 1984 year. Robert can be seen as Jerry in the 1980 TV series “Fox” and as Harry in “Studio Hammer’s House of Horrors”. He played in the television picture “A Tale of Two Cities” and in the film “Dogs of War”. In 1981, he was invited into the short painting “The Basing of the Dollar”. He later starred in the miniseries “Return to Brideshead” and the television film “Ptang. Young. Kipperbang.”.

1983 earned him the role of Alexander Grant in the miniseries “The British Prime Minister’s Residence”. A year later, he performed roles in the tapes of Sharma and Beyond and “Puccini”. In 1985, the series “Second Screen”, featuring Robert, began. Erkart could be seen in the television film “Hitler’s SS: Portrait of Evil”. The actor’s character is Hoffman. Then there were works in “The Cold House” (Lawrence), “Troubled Local”, “Scenarios” (Minister). In 1986, he played Sam in The Queen’s Arms. The following year, he appeared in the painting Playing Away, began work in the TV series “The Mysteries of Ruth Rendell” and played in the paintings “The Little Servant” and “Testimony”. He was later pinned down in the TV series “Cop Catts and His Dog”. In 1993, Robert played The Long Roads in the film. His hero is Peter McVurrich.

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