Pupella Maggio: biography, career, personal life



 Pupella Maggio was born on April 24, 1910. Her birthplace is Naples. The actress died on 9 December 1999 in Rome. She was 89 years old. Maggio’s spouse is Luigi Dell Isola. Their wedding took place in 1962. They divorced in 1976.

Pupella’s father is Italian actor Mimi Maggio and his mother is comedian Antonietta Gravanta. She was from a well-to-do family. Pupella’s parents had 16 children. Among them, seven became actors. Besides Pupella, in the footsteps of his parents were Icarius May, Rosalia May, Dante Maggio, Beniamino Maggio, Enzo Maggio and Margarita Maggio. Pupella’s stage debut was largely aided by her brother Beniamino. She acted as his assistant. For her one film role, the actress won the Nastro d ‘Argento award.

Career start

The first role of actress took place in 1947. She played Martha in the adventure drama “Missing”. The film’s character is in love with the priest’s niece But his choice was already sucked to another. The hero commits murder. He eliminates a rival right during the wedding ceremony. In the same year, the actress played in the film “Lost in the Gloom”. The drama was shown in the United States, France and Portugal. It was presented at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1954, Maggio was invited to the painting “A Doctor for the Crazy”. The lead roles in the comedy went to Franca Marzi, Aldo Giuffre, Vittoria Crispo and Carlo Ninchi.

1958 brought the actress the role of Aurelia in the painting “Dangerous Wives”. The lead roles in Luigi Comencini’s comedy went to Silva Coschina, Renato Salvatori, Dorian Gray and Franco Fabrizi. Pupella’s next work took place in a film with the Italian title Serenatella sciuè sciuè. Her heroine is Tina Paradiso. She could then be seen in the film tape of “The Terrible Teodoro”. The comedy director is Roberto Bianchi Montero. The lead characters were played by Nino Taranto, Giulia Rubini, Mario Riva and Hugo Tonyazzi.

She later played in a film with the original title La Fortuna Con L ‘effe Maiuscola from 1959. Pupella was offered a role in the painting “The Duchess from Santa Lucia”. The comedy director is Roberto Bianchi Montero. Maggio then got a role in the film film Il terrore dell ‘Oklahoma. The actress’s next work took place in the painting “A Dream in a Half-Drunk Night”. Her heroine is Filumena. Director and screenwriter – Eduardo De Filippo. 1960 brought her a role in the film “Cocotok Gang”. The comedy was shown in France, Italy, Germany, Finland.


Then the actress starred as Lucia in the painting “Husbands in Peril”. Pupella has one of the lead roles. Her set partners included Silva Koshina, Mario and Memmo Carotenuto and Nietta Dzocchi. Maggio then appeared in the film “Chochara”. The action takes place during World War II. The main character and her daughter flee to the village. They meet a young man and become parts of a love triangle. He loves his mother, and his daughter falls in love with him. Drama was presented at events such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Cairo International Film Festival and the Moscow International Film Festival. The film won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a British Academy Award and a Silver Award at the Cannes Film Festival.


actress’s next work took place in the film Caravan petrol. She later played in the drama A qualcuna piace calvo. In 1962, the actress could be seen in the film “Four Days of Naples”. This film is about the occupation of Naples during World War II. The film contains a strong scene of the shooting of an innocent young man, during which the population was forced to applaud. The painting was presented at the Moscow International Film Festival, where it won a prize. It was also screened at the Locarno International Film Festival. The drama was nominated for an Academy Award, a British Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

In 1966, she played Noah’s wife in the film adaptation of “The Bible”. The screenwriters are Christopher Fry, Orson Welles, Vittorio Bonicelli. The US-Italy co-production drama was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. Maggio could then be seen in the 1968 film “The Insurance Box Office Physician”. In the center of the film – young and ambitious graduates of medical school. The picture raises the problem of inefficiency of the medical system. In the 1969 comedy “Professor Dr. Guido Tersilli, Chief Medical Officer of the Villa Celeste Clinic under Contract”, Pupella played Antonietta. The story tells the story of the chief doctor, who because of avarice lost all doctors and patients.

In the 1972 film Cosa Nostra, she played Letizia. The crime drama has been shown in many European countries. She then got the role of Miranda in the film “Amarcord”. The film was nominated for a Golden Globe and won an Oscar. The main character is the mistress of a tobacco shop. After Pupella starred in paintings Il cilindro, Quei figuri di tanti anni fa and Le voci di dentro. In 1981, she could be seen in the film “Neapolitan Tears”. At the center of the story is the singer and his cohabitant. She then played Maria in the 1988 drama “The New Cinema Paradiso”. The painting won British Academy prizes in 5 categories, Oscar, Golden Globe, Cesar, Grand Jury Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival and two European Film Academy Awards.

In the same year, Maggio was invited to play the role of Rosa in the film “The Weekdays of Commissioner Ambrosio”. The director and screenwriter of the crime drama is Sergio Corbucci. The actress’s next work took place in the TV series “Blackmail”. Drama was shown in Italy and Hungary. She could then be seen in the miniseries “Rimlyanka”. Directed by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi. 1990 brought Pupella a role in the film “Saturday, Sunday and Monday”. The comedy was presented at the Sudbury Cinefest International Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. She then played in the miniseries “Children in Darkness”. The director is Vittorio De Sisti.

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