Philip Bosco: biography, career, personal life

The actor has been nominated numerous times at the Tony Award and Drama Desk Award for his roles in performances by Broadway theaters, where he performed until 2009.

Bosco’s creative biography has more than a hundred roles in television and film projects. He played in many popular classical and contemporary plays staged on stage by America’s leading theatres. He has participated in popular entertainment programs and documentary series, as well as Tony Awards ceremonies.

Facts from Philip Michael’s biography

came to light in the United States in the fall of 1930. He grew up in the state of New Jersey in the family of Margaret Raymond and Philip Lupo Bosco. His mom worked for the police and his father was a ride-hailing worker. His ancestors in his father’s line were from Italy, and in his mother’s line were from Germany.


boy received his primary education at Saint Peter’s Prep School and then continued his studies at Catholic University of America (CUA) in the Humanities Department. It is a private Catholic university located in Washington, founded in 1887 by American Catholic bishops. There, the youngster studied history, literature, drama and acting. During his student years, he played in many Shakespearean productions. One of his most successful roles was that of Richard III.

After receiving his degree, Philip went into the army. He served 3 years as a private in the Signal Corps. After returning from service, he did not immediately return to creativity. For several months, Bosco worked as a truck driver at an amusement park with his father.

Theatre career

Philip’s acting career began with performances on the Broadway stage. Already in 1960, he was a Tony Award nominee, playing Heracles in the play “Rape of the Belt” on stage at the Martin Beck Theatre.

A year later in the musical “Donnybrook!” he performed the role of Will Danaher. The play was staged in 1961 on stage at the 46th Street Theatre.

In 1966, Bosco once again returned to the image of Richard III. The entertainer performed at the New York Shakespeare Festival. The actor then worked for more than 10 years at the Vivian Beaumont Theater. There he played in many classical and contemporary plays, among them: “The Alchemist”, “East Wind”, “Cyrano de Bergerac”, “Tiger at the Gate”, “King Lear”, “Enemy of the People”, “Time of Your Life”, “The Good One” Man from Sichuan”, “Antigone”, “Narrow Road to the Deep North”, “Twelfth Night”, “Merchant of Venice”, “Tramway “Desire”.

In 1976 and 1977 Philip performed again at the Shakespeare Theatre Festival in performances of “Henry V” and “The Three-Pennillion Opera”.

In the following years he played on stage theatres: Circle in the Square Theatre, Roundabout Theatre Company, Trafalgar Theatre, Belasco Theatre, Royale Theatre, American Airlines Theatre, Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre. He became a Tony Award and Drama Desk Award nominee several times.

Bosco last took the stage in 2009 in the play “Finian’s Rainbow”.

Film career

The debut in television took place with Philip in 1953. He took part in filming the popular historical educational series “You Are There”, which first aired on radio and later appeared on television screens.

His next work was the role of Prince Michael in one of the episodes of the project “DuPont Show of the Month”. Bosco then starred in popular television series for several years: “Armstrong Theatre”, “Guiding Light”, “Sunday Showcase”, “Defenders”, “Nurses”, “For People”, “NYPD”, “ABC Specially After School”, “Great Performances”, “Hope Ryan”, “American Theatre”.

In 1983, Bosco performed a small role in the comedy directed by John Landis starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, “Swap Places”. The film received several Golden Globe, Oscar and British Academy nominations.

The actor received his next minor role in director Stuart Rosenberg’s crime comedy “The Pope of Greenwich Village”. Famous performers Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts starred in the lead roles.

In 1985, Bosco played in Michael Dinner’s melodrama “May Heaven Help Us!”. The painting starred Donald Sutherland, John Heard, Andrew McCarthy.

In the actor’s later career, there were numerous roles in popular films and TV series, among them: “The Equalizer”, “Spencer”, “Prorva”, “Children of Silence”, “Anger of Angels 2″, “Suspect”, “Three Men and Infant”, “The Other Woman”, “Business Woman”, “Dream Team”, “Blue Steel”, “Fast Change”, “Law & Order”, “Illusion of Murder 2”, “Angie”, “Pocket Money”, “Two: Me and My Shadow”, “Twisted city”, “First Wives Club”, “Best Friend’s Wedding”, “Breaking Harry”, “Prodigies”, “Shaft”, “Jazz”, “Kate and Leo”, “Rules of Removing: Hitch’s Method”, “Savages”.

The actor also worked extensively on voicing animated characters. His voice is spoken by the characters of the paintings: “Lincoln”, “Revenge of the Whale”, “Mark Twain”, “Horatio’s Ride: The First American Road Adventures”, “The Sword of Constantine”.

Bosco last appeared on screen in 2009 in the detective series “Scramble”.


‘s personal life

met his only love in the late 1950s. She became Nancy Ann Dunkle. They met while studying at university and married on January 2, 1957. Seven children were born in this union: Jenny, Philip, Diana, John, Chris, Lisa and Celia. The couple lived together for more than 60 years.

For the last years of his life, Bosco suffered from dementia. He died in 2018 at the age of 88 in his own home in Hourth. The actor was buried in Englewood at Brookside Cemetery.

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