Peacock in Kansas technical

You will need
  • – wire;
  • – tangle of yarn;
  • – beads;
  • – cardboard;
  • – satin tape;
  • – fabric;
  • – scissors;
  • – Glue “Moment”
  • – Lighter
  • – Tweezers
  • – Pliers;

Make a peacock frame out of wire.


From cardboard cut the tail.


Wink the frame with threads, retreating a little from the tip wire, as this tip will be put on a bead – a bead.


Making a loop out of the wire, stick it to the tail with a piece cardboard.
Stick the tail to the frame of the peacock with the help of wire tips.


Finish trapping the peacock with thread to the necessary thickness.
Flaze the peacock’s head with feathers.
The feathers are made in the technique of kansashi. The detailed process of making feathers can be seen in the video.
Stick the hoholok out of wire and glue it with feathers.


Attach to the torso, with the help of glue, the wing.


Bring feathers the belly of the peacock and back to the tail.


Tape the tail with cloth at the back and then cover the tip with feathers of the hindtail.


Decorate with feathers a large tail on the front.
Stick the beads on the walker and beads.

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