Paige O`Hara: biography, career, personal life

Donna Paige Helmingtoller fans know as Paige O ‘Hara. The star’s career kicked off on Broadway. The debut was the role of Ellie Mae Chipley in the 1983 production of “Show Boat”. And for the first time on stage she appeared at 4 years old.

The path to the vocation

Biography of a future celebrity began in 1956. The baby came to light in the city of Fort Lauderdale on May 10. The family had Irish, Dutch, German and Scottish roots.

From an early age, the girl showed acting skills. She attended Nova High School and Parkway Middle School of The Arts. Baby became a participant of the local children’s theater and acted in its productions.

The fascination with the scene diminished at the age of 12. Paige began doing vocals. Her idol became Judy Garland. A professional career began on Broadway.

In the musical performance “Show Boat” in 1983, she played the role of singer and floating theatre dancer Ellie. Her part the singer recorded for a disc with tracks from the production. The successful work was repeated again in a musical performance for Houston’s “Grand Opera” in 1989, an adaptation for the Cairo Theatre. Ellie the singer performed and for the Grammy-nominated version of the musical.

In many performances, she performed leading roles. In 1995, Paige sang the part of Fantina in a Broadway production of “The Rejected”. Nellie Forbush Page was in the Australian “South Pacific”. The main feature of the party was the lack of duets of the main


In the musical “Oklahoma!” character of the star became Ado Annie, the girlfriend of the main character. She can’t sort out her feelings for two different men, virtually until the end of the production choosing between them. In the show “Drood”, based on Dickens’s unfinished novel, the star performed several leading roles, becoming both Alice Nutting and Edwin Drood.

In the animated series “The Legend of Prince Valliant”, Page voiced Alita, Veliant’s sweetheart. The prince with friends gets into the legendary Camelot, participates in battles and becomes one of the Knights of the Round Table. The actress came to the project in the second season.

Oh ‘Hara has always been a fan of Walt Disney’s work. So with pleasure agreed to take part in the cartoon project “Beauty and the Beast”. She was offered to voice Belle. According to the story, the girl living in the village loves books and dreams of real feelings. She agrees to live in the castle of the Beast in exchange for her father’s freedom.

The creators of the film decided that the heroine should not constantly think about her external appeal, and therefore made the heroine a little strange. Page was chosen because of the unique timbre and tone of the voice, reminiscent in the manner of Judy Garland, perfectly matched with Belle’s image. By the way, the appearance of the star’s idol served as the prototype of the main character’s image. Her partner was again tenor Robbie Benson, who worked in the project about Valliant and Aletha.


heroine’s parts were recorded with the orchestra live, rather than putting music on the voice. In this way the creators of the musical decided to add energy to images. The premiere of the feature-length cartoon was a huge success. Especially the criticism liked the musical score.

Cinema and voiceover

In 1999 the audience saw a sequel, “A Wonderful Christmas”. Thanks to Belle’s love, everything around us changed. The enchanted inhabitants of the castle became human again, and baby Chip first met the holiday not in the form of a cup. The boy asks his mom to tell him what happened last year. The magic during Christmas is most felt in the castle of the former Beast.

According to the early design of the creators, the cartoon was to be a direct continuation of the adventures of the characters. The role of the villain was assigned to the brag of Belle Gaston’s boastful and narcissistic fan, Avenent. However, the idea was then rejected, making the embodiment of evil a giant Forte organ, unwilling to turn the owner of the castle into a human being.

Heroine O ‘Hara again became Beauty. In 1998, the actress again became Belle for “Belle’s Magic World”. The project included three stories, the action of which took place in a castle already familiar to the audience. They told the story of the protagonists’ relationships and the adventures of familiar characters.

In “Belle’s Tales of Friendship” 1999 by Paige’s voice, the main character tells the stories of three piglets, Hansel and Gretel and other narratives from the magical Book of Tales. Appeared in the format of videos “Beauty & the World of Music” and “Chapters of Enchantment” featuring a celebrity.

New roles

In the cute family cartoon project “The Legend of the Caramel Cane,” the actress voiced Jane Aubrey. According to the intent of the creators, a mysterious stranger enters the town of West Sage lost in the steppe. None of the townspeople are unaware that from now on their life will become different.

Once again the success of the project was brought by the voices In no small part, that luck became a credit to Paige. The actress performed already familiar role in all video games based on the famous fairy tale.

In the 2006 film “Charmed”. The character of the actress was soap opera heroine Angela. According to the story, the evil stepmother, wanting to maintain power over the kingdom, sends to the real world the chosen stepson, Giselle. Now the girl will have to survive on Manhattan, where it is very difficult to find a real feeling.

The Disney heroine earned the performer the Disney Legend Award.

In April 2011 Oh ‘Hara played Judy Garland in the musical “From Gumm to Garland: JUDY”.

The star has arranged a personal life. Her selection was actor Michael Piontek. The acquaintance with him took place in 1989. They officially became husband and wife in 1995.

Celebrity continues to collaborate with Disney’s studio. In 2016, she performed a famous role in honor of the 25th anniversary of the film. Belle’s voice was also involved in the film “Ralph vs. the Internet” in 2018.

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