Original flower vase with thread pattern

You will need
  • – glass vase;
  • – PVA glue;
  • – thread x/b №10;
  • – napkin for decoupage;
  • – water;
  • – toothpick;
  • – aerosol white paint;

Cover the vase with aerosol white paint as follows: needed at the top (at the rim) and at the bottom – where the motifs of the swipe will presumably be located. And smoothly with a thin layer, carry the paint over the whole vase, somehow slightly powering. Let the paint dry.


Cut the motifs out of the napkin and stick on the vase using PVA.


Cut the thread 15-20 cm long and, holding one end , dip it in the water to keep it wet. Then put in the same way in the PVA glue, remove excess glue, stretching the thread along the edge of the jar.


Put the curl, holding the end of the thread with 2 fingers of the left hand, and toothpick in the right hand, refresh, help the thread to lie down nicely.


After the entire segment of the thread is laid, go again with a toothpick and align, correct the pattern. And so keep “drawing” with a thread until you fill the entire vase area. Periodically let’s dry the curls to continue further.


Pattern complete with halves of beads or in this case made points using a putty through a medical syringe. Cover the vase with aerosol varnish.

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