Norin DeVulf: biography, career, personal life

Biography and education

 Nurin Ahmed was born on 28 February 1984 in New York City to Indian parents of Gujarati nationality who are from Pune, India. Nurin grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia. She has two sisters. Aziza’s older sister is a lecturer in law at Northeastern University in Boston. Younger sister Sarah is a lawyer in San Francisco.

She received her education at Boston University School of the Arts, where she studied international relations and theater. After completing her education, she moved to Los Angeles to become a professional actress. He is fluent in Hindi, Urdu and Gujarati languages.

Noreen DeVulf’s career began her acting career in the short film “History of the West Bank”

in which she played the lead role of Fatima, a singing and dancing cashier in Palestine who falls in love with an Israeli soldier. The film won an Academy Award.

After his acting debut, Noreen often plays roles in comedy television series and films. Between 2009 and 2011, he plays occasional roles on NBC in the television series “Outsourcing”, on TNT in the series “Hawthorne”, and on MTV in the television series “Berger’s Dignity”. She appeared on LifeTime in the 2009 miniseries “Cannibal” as well.

She played minor roles in the successful motion pictures “Ocean’s Thirteen Friends” (2007) and “Backup Plan” (2010). In 2009, she co-starred with Matthew McConaughey in the romantic comedy “Ghosts of Ex-Girlfriends”, and alongside Jeremy Piven in “Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard”.

In 2010, she played a role in the film picture “Takwakora”, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010.

In 2012, she co-starred with Charlie Shinn in the television sitcom “Anger Management”, which aired on FX from June 28, 2012 to December 2014.

In 2014 DeVulf stars in the independent film “Coffee and the Boss Murder”, thanks to which she won the award for Best Actress at Comedy Ninja Film and Screenplay Festival in the same year.

In 2007, the first time, and in 2014 the second time, Noreen DeVulf was ranked in the list of the 100 most attractive women on the planet by Maxim magazine and according to readers of that magazine.

In 2009, she was listed as one of the top 30 women under 30 years of age by Nylon magazine. In addition, Noreen appears on the covers of the men’s magazines “Details”, “Men’s Health”, “Zinc”, “Giant”, and “Complex”.

In 2015, Noreen DeVulf begins starring in the cast of the series “Hockey Wives”, which is about the wives and girlfriends of professional hockey players.

Filmography and participation in television projects

During her short-lived career, Noreen DeVulf starred in the following films:

  1. “ Happy Birthday” (2004) is a short film, a role unmentioned in the credits.
  2. History of the West Bank (2005) is a short film, the role of Fatima.
  3. “ CSI: New York” (2005) is a television series starring Matrice Singh in the episode “At Work”.
  4. Girlfriends (2005) is a television series that guest-stars Jasmine Crane in two episodes.
  5. “ The American Dream” (2006) is the role of Shazzy Riza.
  6. “ This is the promise of the National Lampoon!” (2006) — the role of Ka-ka.
  7. “ Numbers” (2006) is a television series, the role of Santi in the episode “Harvest”.
  8. Love Incorporated (2006) is a television series, the role of Trisha in the episode “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.
  9. “ The Americanization of Shelley” (2007) is the role of little John Singh.
  10. “ Ocean’s Thirteen Friends” (2007) is the role of Naff’s girlfriend Said Expo.
  11. “ The Return” (2007) is the role of Jizminder Fiterfoot.
  12. “ Killer Pad” (2008) is the role of Dalida.
  13. “ Pulse 2: The Afterlife” (2008) is the role of Salva Al Hakima.
  14. “ Pulse 3: Invasion” (2008) is the role of Salva Al Hakima.
  15. “ Chicken Chuck” (2008) is the role of Lizzie in the episode “Chuck Versus Marlin”.
  16. “ Welcome to the Captain” (2008) is the role of a shampoo girl in the episode “The Letter”.
  17. “ The Strip” (2009) is the role of Maliah.
  18. “ Ghosts of Ex-Girlfriends” (2009) is the role of Melanie.
  19. “ Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard” (2009) is the role of heather.
  20. “ Reno 911!” (2009) is a television series starring as a hot librarian in the episode “VHS Transfer Memory Lane”.
  21. “ 90210″ (2009) is a television series that guest-stars Nicky Raigani in 2 episodes.
  22. “ The Cannibal” (2009) is a television miniseries, the role of Polo in 2 episodes.
  23. “ Takwakors” (2010) is the role of Rabeia.
  24. “ Reserve Plan” (2010) is Volcheyagodnik’s role.
  25. “ The 41-year-old Virgin Who Confused Sarah Marshall and Feeled Excellent” (2010) is the role of Kim.
  26. Till Death (2010) is a television series, Dina’s role in the episode “The Joy of Learning”.
  27. Berger’s Dignity (2010) is a television series that guest-stars Claire in 2 episodes.
  28. Hawthorne (2010-2011) is a television series that recurring the role of Judy Pasram in 5 episodes.
  29. “ Break Out” (2011) is the role of Rina Singh.
  30. “ Outsourcing” (2011) is a television series, guest-starring Vimi in 3 episodes.
  31. Happy Endings (2011) is a television series, the role of Molly in the episode “Mysteries and Limousines”.
  32. “ Producers of Children” (2012) is the role of the bride.
  33. “ Zambezia” (2012) is the voiceover of the character Ravi.
  34. “ First Dates with Toby Harris” (2012) is an Internet series, the role of Sarah in the episode “Ex-Guys”.
  35. “ Burning Love” (2012-2013) is an Internet series that recurring the role of Titi in 10 episodes.
  36. Anger Management (2012-2014) is a television series starring Lacey in 100 episodes.
  37. How to Be a Terrorist in Hollywood with Abu Nazir (2013) is a short film.
  38. “ Coffee and the Boss Murder” (2013) is the role of temperature.
  39. “ They Came Together” (2014) is the role of Melanie.
  40. Garnfunkel and Oates (2014) is a television series starring Jennifer in the episode “Road Wars”.
  41. “ Through the Garden Wall” (2014) is the voiceover of a pumpkin voice in the episode “Hard Times at the Haskin Bee”.
  42. Kiss Her, I’m Famous (2014) is an Internet series that guest-starred Anna in 2 episodes.
  43. “ Hockey Wives” (2015-2016) is a cast television series, starring herself in 13 episodes.
  44. “ Grandfather” (2015-2016) is a television series, guest-starring Priya in 2 episodes.
  45. “ Chi and T” (2016) is the role of Shana.
  46. Square Roots (2016) is a telefilm, the role of Salena Desai.
  47. Hell’s Kitchen (2016) is an American television series starring herself in the episode “Will Tresh Beech Spa”.
  48. Life in Pieces (2016) is a television series starring Dion in the episode “Crepe Gran Pri”.
  49. “ Bad Match” (2017) is the role of Terry Webster.
  50. “ When We Met First” (2018) is the role of Margot.
  51. Biblical Life (2018) is a television series starring Emily’s role in the episode “Don’t Be a False Witness”.
  52. All Night (2018) is a television series that recurring the role of Mrs. Lewis in 5 episodes.
  53. “ Ending. Inception” (2019) is the role of Nurin.

Personal life

In June 2000, Noreen Ahmed married avant-garde artist James DeVulf, whose last name she took it, and then began to use it as her professional alias. The couple divorced in January 2010 after 10 years of living together.

In September 2011, Noreen DeVulf marries National Hockey League goalie Ryan Miller. The wedding took place in Los Angeles. In 2015, the couple had a child — a son, Bodhi Ryan.

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