Masahiro Motoki: biography, career, personal life

Biography and personal life


Masahiro Motoki was born on December 21, 1965 in the Japanese city of Okegawa. Early in his career, he sang in one of the Japanese boy bends. In the status of a singer he achieved great success, but still chose the acting profession.

In 1995, Masahiro married singer and actress Yayako Uchida, who is younger than him by 11 years. Their family had three children. Their daughter Chiara was born in 1999. She took her mother’s last name. The girl became a Japanese actress. By the way, Masahiro has also documented his wife’s last name. Motoki’s wife has starred in several paintings, among them “Tower of Tokyo: Mama and Me, and Sometimes Daddy”, “A Beautiful Day in Tokyo” and “Blowing the Blue Wind”.


began acting in the 1980s. In 1989, he played Toshi Kono in the military action film “226″. At the center of the story is a mutiny by the nationalist officers of the Japanese army. They sought the ouster of well-known politicians. The drama was not only shown in Japan but also in Canada, the UK and the US. The film is presented at the International Film Festivals in London and Montreal. In the same year, the actor appeared in the painting “The Raffles Hotel”. Motoki got one of the lead roles. Characters include a photographer, adventurer and actress. It’s a movie about loneliness and finding yourself. In the comedy “Bizarre Dance”, the actor got the lead role. His character is punk musician Yehei. He has to join Buddhist monks. It won’t be easy for a hero to get used to discipline. Once he has come to terms with his fate, a girlfriend shows up to bring him back to music. The picture was shown in Japan and South Korea. In addition, the film was seen by guests at the Singapore International Film Festival.

In 1991, the actor played in the film “Kagero”. In this crime drama, he got one of the lead roles. That same year, he appeared as Hirata in the painting “The Game That Will Never End”. In this comedy, scripted by Hiroshi Saito and Kunihiko Toi, he played the main character. In 1992, the film “Sumo Got Out!” was released featuring Masahiro. In this sports comedy, he reincarnated into the protagonist Xuhei, who is studying at university. For lack of success it can be deducted. The only chance to continue his studies is to become a participant in sumo competitions. The film tape has been shown in many countries. It has been presented at events such as the International Film Festivals in Montreal and Tokyo, the Japanese Film Festival and the Japanische Filmwoche Düsseldorf Film Festival.


In the 1990s Motoki continues to receive invitations to lead roles. In the film “Dioxin from Fish!” he played one of the central characters. After 2 years, he could be seen starring in the film “Riddle of Rampo”. According to the plot of this crime drama, the writer wrote a novel in which a woman killed her husband. The method of murder is unusual: the spouse asks the man to climb into the chest, allegedly for role-playing, and then keeps him in confinement until he suffocates. The book was never published. Outraged editors forced the writer to destroy the manuscript because of its immoral content. The novelist obeyed. However, he soon learned of the murder, which was committed under the same circumstances. Also, the woman who killed her husband is strikingly similar to the heroine of his unreleased novel. It was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, the Rotterdam and London International Film Festivals, and the Fantasporto International Film Festival in Portugal.

The actor was then given the lead role in the crime action film “Gonin”. This film is presented at the Locarno and Palm Spring International Film Festivals. The actor could later be seen in Masayuki Suo’s musical melodrama “Let’s Dance?”. According to the story, a middle-aged man who has a wife and daughter feels his life is unfulfilling. Sometimes he sees a woman in the window of one of the buildings he passes by by train. Having been determined, the protagonist does not reach his station and goes out where that very building stands. Melodrama has been presented at events such as Singapore International Film Festival, Wine Country Film Festival, Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival and Film Festival Japanische Filmwoche Düsseldorf.

In 1996, Masahiro was invited for the lead role in the painting “Tokiwa: The House Where the Manga Was Born”. The drama was presented at the Singapore International Film Festival. After 2 years, he performed the leading role in the painting “People Birds in China”. Motoki’s character is Wada. He is engaged in business and on company business travels to the Chinese province for deposits of jade. This fantastic adventure comedy was shown at the Vancouver International Film Festivals, Hawaii, London, San Francisco, Taipei and Istanbul, the Deauville Asian Film Festival, as well as at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. He then played the main character in the horror film “Gemini”. The actor’s characters are Yukio’s doctor, whose wife suffers from memory loss, and a murderer who looks like a doctor as a twin. The fantastic thriller has seen guests of events such as the International Film Festivals in Venice, Toronto, Busan, Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Karlovy Vary, Sitges, Bergen and Hawaii, as well as Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival.

In 2001, the actor received the lead role in the war drama “Prince Setoku”. 2 years later, he played one of the central characters in the Japan-German co-production military action film “Spy Zorge”. The film takes place in the 1930s. The actor could then be seen in the painting “Longest Night in Shanghai”. In 2008, he sang the title role in the film about an unemployed cellist, “The Departed”. In 2009, the series “Clouches Over the Hills”, featuring Masahiro, began. He went through 2011. 2015 brought Motoki roles in the films “Emperor in August” and “Big Bee”. Among Masahiro’s most recent works are roles in the 2016 film “Long Excuses” and the 2019 TV series “Giri/Haji”.

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