Malachite: history of prey, magical and medicinal quality

Malachite is an Ural gemcolor, having amazing beauty and high quality. Found a stone in the 18th century on the territory of Russia. Almost immediately, mining began. For many years Russia began to be considered a malachite country. From the gems were able to create amazing beauty products.

The history of


stone was originally mined in the development of copper deposits. Malachite struck with its beauty all. It began to be actively bought, deified. Virtually the entire Ural has gone mad from this self-color. Over time, stone began to be used not only in the manufacture of decorations, but also for other purposes.

For example, stone turned out beautiful vases, watches. Malachite began to be added to the dyes. And some wealthy residents of the country made whole rooms of malachite. In many years, if the stone was not in the room at all, it means it was impossible to accept representatives of high society.

Savings were out of the question. It got to the point that from malachite made paths to the house. All this caused deposits of stone to gradually disappear. If earlier in the mine could find a self-color weighing up to a few tons, then after wasteful use the mineral almost completely disappeared.

At the present stage, there is only one deposit left in the Urals, which have been discovered relatively recently. Mining of the mineral goes on Altai. Malachite finally began to be treated carefully.

The leader in malachite mining is Congo. It is this country that is engaged in the export of mineral, which has quite high quality and original pattern. In addition, stone is not only mined in the subsoil of the earth, but also synthesized in laboratories. The artificial mineral weighs lighter.

The magical properties


Malachite have not only beauty, but also magical properties.

  1. In old times there were legends that the gems are able to fulfill innermost desires.
  2. He defended against evil spirits. For these purposes, the sun was carved out of the mineral.
  3. Helped protect himself from the bite of poisonous animals.
  4. Stones were used by thieves and crooks, because it was thought that it helps to become invisible.
  5. If you drink water, from the malachite bowl, you can understand what birds and animals are talking about.
  6. At the present stage stone is used, as a means to achieve longevity. Formerly from malachite tried to create the elixir of youth. But nothing worked out.
  7. The stone will help get rid of the negative, calm down.
  8. Malachite is recommended to wear Taurus, Lights and Lions. Giving up stone costs Scorpions, Raks and Virgins.

Therapeutic qualities

Malachite have therapeutic properties. With it, wounds heal much faster. Self color contributes to strengthening immunity. According to lithotherapists, the use of the mineral is necessary in the fight against cancer. Will help malachite cope with joint problems.

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