Magical properties of the Lutic

Yellow flower buttercup is known from different peoples under different names. It’s known as a chute color, chicken blindness, poisonous tooth. The botanical name of the plant is ranunculus; it originates from the Latin word rana – frog. A similar “frog name” flower got for a reason. The fact is that buttercup likes wet soils, often grows near reservoirs, forest lakes and marshes. And in all such places, as it is known, often there are frogs.

Toxicity is one of the main properties of this plant. Buttercup is really very dangerous, its poison is capable of poisoning a person to death. There is a belief that in the distant past potions, which included buttercups, lubricated spears and other weapons warriors so that the inflicted wounds were fatal. Another legend states that the flowers and leaves of the plant used evil sorcerers and witches to boil down a poisonous potion and with the help of such a drink get rid of their enemies or competitors. In the end, poisonous made buttercup a popular plant in black magic.

On the other hand, the toxicity of buttercup can, roughly speaking, go to the good as well. This flower is believed to have a very positive aura despite being poisonous. In addition, with sight the thin and fragile buttercup is able to boast a large supply of energy that can both protect and heal. From a magical point of view, buttercup is a plant that is able to scare away any — even the most powerful — evil forces. This flower protects against problems, misfortunes, troubles and diseases. It protects against energy vampires, from eyes and spoilage, takes away from man curse, sorrow and grief.

If you place a few bouquets of buttercups in the house, they will scare away any impure force. Moreover, magical flowers soak negative and “stagnant” energy into themselves, thus clearing space and boosting the overall vibrations in the house. At the same time, fresh flowers and dry will have magical properties. If there is no possibility of obtaining real flowers, you can use the images of buttercups. Photos, embroideries, drawings also have certain magical powers and can protect against various crises and troubles.

Yellow buttercup is associated with money, with gold, wealth and prosperity. Oddly enough, but this dangerous toxic flower really has the potential to positively impact cash flow. Amulets and personal mascots with buttercup will attract finance, help pay off all debts and protect against sudden and not the most pleasant spending. To always drive money, you should carry several dry buttercup flowers (or petals) in your purse. And if you drop off on a country plot or on the loggia of buttercups, the flowers will work simultaneously both as money magnets and as living natural protectors.

A man who has chosen for himself a mascot with a buttercup will very soon feel how he has added energy and strength. Buttercup will get rid of bad mood, help to cope with apathy and lethargy. This plant is a first-rate helper in the fight against stress. But folk healers and znahars use buttercup, despite its toxicity, as a means against various skin diseases. In addition, there is a belief that when applied correctly, buttercup flower can help prolong youth, strengthen the immune system and generally improve overall well-being.

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