Juliana Kehler: biography, career, personal life


Actress was born in Göttingen on August 6, 1965. Her father is a puppet actor. Juliana was educated at the Waldorf School, which applies an alternative pedagogical system. Kehler studied acting at Gmelin Studio in Munich. The actress then studied in New York with Uta Hagen. Daniela Gluck gave Juliana ballet lessons in the Bavarian capital.

At the end of the 1980s, the actress entered the Lower Saxon State Theatre of Hanover. She could then be seen in productions of the Bavarian State Dramatic Theatre in Munich. As for the family of the sought-after German actress, she is known to have two daughters.

Beginning of her career The

aspiring actress Kehler could be seen in episodes of the TV series “Crime Scene”, “Police Phone — 110″, “Bella Block”. In 1996, she underwent a casting call for a role in the film “Incest — The Case of Zina Toifel”. The director of the television drama is Klaus Emmerich. The actress could then be seen in the TV series “The Last Witness” and “Donna Leon”. In 1998, Kehler played Lily in the painting “Aimee and the Jaguar”. Juliana’s heroine is a large mother and an approximate housewife. But after one meeting, her life changes dramatically.

She was later invited to the film “Totchchka and Anton” for the role of Bettina. In 1999, she played Barbara in the Night Hawks. The thriller was screened in the United States and Italy. 2001 brought her the role of Juliana in the film “Weiser” and a role in the drama “Nowhere in Africa”. She later starred in the painting “My First Miracle”. Juliana’s character is Francisca. The drama has been presented at events such as the Montreal Film Festival, the Max OphĂĽls Film Festival, the International Berlin Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2004, the film “Bunker” was released, where Kehler reincarnated into Eve. The Military Historical Picture was nominated for the European Film Academy Prize, the Oscar and the Goya. The actress later went through a casting call for a small role in the 2005 film “Get Your Hands”. The melodrama tells of life in a village on the German-Polish border. Juliana’s next work is the role of Claire in the drama “Child of November”. The main character grew up with her grandparents. She never saw her parents. She later played Ruth in the painting “Resurrected Adam”. It’s a war drama about the fate of the Jew Adam Stein.



could be seen in the film “Nameless — One Woman in Berlin” as Elke. At the heart of the war drama is the diary of a journalist from Germany. The actress was invited to the film “Effie Brist”. It’s a melodrama about a wayward girl facing a marriage by reckoning. She then starred in the France, Greece and Italy co-production picture “Paradise in the West” as Christina. The drama was seen by guests of Mar del Plata and Busan International Film Festivals, Refugee Film Festival, French Film Festival in Japan, Rendezvous With French Cinema Film Festival and International Berlin Film Festival.

The next film feature featuring Kehler is “A Quiet Life”. In it, she appeared as Renata. Her husband runs a restaurant at the hotel. One day, trouble comes into their lives. Next was a role in the comedy series “Climate Change”. In 2011, the film “Blue Sky” was released, where Juliana played Sofia, one of the main characters. That same year, she appeared in the painting “Star Thalers”. In a family fantasy film, the greedy king made taxes so exorbitant that the entire adult population was forced to work for him alone. Those who cannot work fully — children and the elderly — remained in the villages. Kehler then went through casting for a role in the drama “Alexander Granach”. The documentary film was presented at the Munich Film Festival.

2012 earned her the lead role of Katrin in the German-Norwegian co-production film “Two Lives”. The story narrates the events during the fall of the Berlin Wall. The drama has been shown at events such as Bangalore, Seattle and Palm Spring International Film Festivals, Panorama of European Cinema, Arras and Haifa Film Festivals, Oldenburg and Valenciennes film festivals, the International Berlin Film Festival, the Osaka European Film Festival and the Paris German Film Festival. “Two Lives” was also seen by guests of the Espoo Film Festival, the International Film Festival by the Sea, the Shanghai Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival and the Gothenburg Film Festivals.

 The following year, she could be seen as Ines in the television picture “Bella Dilemma — Troy, It’s Too Much Already”. The comedy director is Oliver Schmitz. She then played in the All Inclusive film tape. In 2015, the film “For One Night and… Forever” was released, where the actress played the main character Eva. The melodrama is about the novel of a mature woman and a young guy She then starred in the painting “King’s Choice”. A military historical film tells about the events of the 1940s. The actress’s heroine is Diane Muller. Among Juliana’s recent works is the role of Doris in the film “A Bank Full of Life”. The comedy was not only shown in Germany but also in the United States, Austria and Hungary. Kehler also played Mona in the 2018 painting “Safari: Find Me a Couple If You Can”. It’s a comedy about dating through a special app.

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