Jared Leto: biography, career, personal life, interesting facts

December 26, 1971 is the birth date of the popular singer and actor. It came to light in a small town in the state of Louisiana. He has a brother. When Jared was very little, the parents decided to divorce. Parenting was done by the mother. The father killed himself after his second divorce.

Mum got married a second time. The stepfather adopted the children, gave them his surname. He was military, so the family often moved from place to place. But that relationship didn’t last long either.

Jared had to get a job at 12 years old to help his mother a little bit. He washed dishes in the diner. Then he worked as a doorman.

Ros a guy in a creative atmosphere. He was surrounded by musicians, because his mother was fond of the hippie ideology. Looking at his mom’s friends, Jared tried to extract sounds from everything that got under his arm. At first, he “mocked” the broken piano. Then tried to play on pans and pots.

After receiving his certificate, he enrolled at the University of the Arts. At first he was keen on painting, but then he thought about making his own film. The idea realized almost immediately. Jared filmed a short project called “Weeping Joy”. He wrote the screenplay and played the lead role.

A career in cinema

After graduating from the institute, Jared wanted to become a director. But he realized it was worth trying his hand at first as an actor. Went to Los Angeles, began to visit samples regularly. He played his debut role in the motion picture “Wilder’s Camp”.

The first success to the aspiring actor came after screening the motion picture “My So-Called Life”. The audience appeared in the image of Jordan. It was after this project that he was noticed by eminent directors.

He became famous in America because of his role in the film “Cool and Wacky”. Along with him, Alicia Silverstone worked on the creation of the tape. Jared Leto’s filmography was then replenished with the painting “Patchwork Quilt”. The set partner was Winona Ryder.

Successful for the actor were roles in projects such as “The Thin Red Line” and “Urban Legends”. You can see Jared in the famous “Fight Club” project.

Global fame to Jared Leto brought a role in the motion picture “Requiem by a Dream”. The actor appeared before the audience in the image of the lead character. Played a junkie. Actors such as Jennifer Connely and Ellen Burstyn worked alongside him on set. To reliably play a drug-addicted character, Jared had to seriously lose weight.

In 2013, the popular actor won an Oscar. The treasured statuette Jared was handed over for his image of a transexual man in the movie picture “Dallas Buyers Club.”

Another significant role in the filmography of a man is the Joker. He played an anti-hero in a motion picture called “Suicide Squad”. Soon, he will yet return to the image of this negative character in other projects.

In Jared’s filmography it is worth highlighting such projects as “Alexander”, “Chapter 27″, “Mr. Nobody”, “Blade Runner 2049″. At the present stage, he is working on creating several projects at once. “Harley Quinn vs. The Joker” and “Morbius” will soon be released. In the last movie picture, Jared will perform a musician who turned into a vampire.

Music career

Successful man not only in cinema, but also in music. Jared Leto is the soloist of the acclaimed band 30 Seconds to Mars. The founder of the musical collective is the actor’s older brother. The band appeared in 1998. Jared not only performs, but writes songs, plays guitar. Brother performs as drummer.

The musical collective has one important principle — in no case can you sing to a phonogram.

The first music CD came out in 2002. The second album went on sale after 3 years. After another 4 years, fans were able to purchase 3 discs with new compositions by the popular band.

At the present stage, the band continues to release new hits and travel with concerts around cities and countries.

Outside the set

How are things going in Jared Leto’s personal life? Most of the popular actor’s novels were not long-term. He has dated Christy McDaniels, Tila Tequila, Krista Ein, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan. All this relationship didn’t last a year.

A longer affair was with Cameron Diaz. The relationship lasted 4 years. Fans were waiting for news of the wedding, but the couple unexpectedly broke up. The reason was an affair with Paris Hilton.

The actor is credited with having an affair with Scarlett Johansson. But the stars themselves declined to comment on those rumors. There was also information about relationships with Katarina Damm, Anna Vyalitsyna and Valeria Kaufman. At the present stage, Jared Leto is unmarried.

Interesting facts

  1. Jared Leto is a convinced vegetarian. He leads a healthy lifestyle, thanks to which he looks young for his years.
  2. The actor has a ritual. An hour before the concert, he pulls away and disables the gadgets. Before the start of the performance sits in complete silence. At the same time tries not to move at all. Jared practices breathing delay.
  3. Once Jared was broken his nose by his own fans.
  4. In his free time skateboarding, hiking or drawing.
  5. Jared once stated that he was in prison. But officially this fact has not been confirmed.

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