Jack Crushen: biography, career, personal life

Biography and Personal Life The

 actor’s real name is Jacob Krushen. He was born on March 20, 1922, in Winnipeg in Canada. The actor died in Chandler in Arizona on April 2, 2002. Jack was nominated for the Oscars. Krushen is descended from a family of Russian Jews. His family immigrated to the United States in the 1920s. The actor had a sister, Miriam, who was born already in America. In his early youth, Jack worked in radio in California. He began to work in this field while studying in higher school. He later began acting in films.

Jack married 3 times. He had two children by his first marriage. The actor’s first spouse is Marjorie Ullman. Their marriage lasted from 1947 to 1961. The couple divorced. A second wife, Violeta Rafaella Mooring, with whom the actor combined marriage in 1962, died in 1978. A third marriage was made in 1979 to Mary Pender.


began his career

in cinema in the 1950s. Among his works were small roles in such series and shows as “Luxe Video Theater”, “Big City”, “The Red Skelton Show”, “The Adventures of Superman”, and “Days in Death Valley”. Also during this period, he underwent casting for roles in the projects “Our Miss Brooks”, “War of the Worlds”, “Abbott and Costello Fly to Mars”. His first notable role came in the film “The Murder Project”. This painting by Andrew L. Stone’s noir style tells of the mysterious death of an orphan girl who, along with her sister, lived with her stepmother.

In later years, the actor was very much filmed. But these were all little-noticed roles. He appeared in the TV series “A Letter to Loretta”, “The Advocate of the Society”, “The Climax”, “The Millionaire”, and “Smoke from the Trunk”. He starred in “Money from Home”, “Tennessee Champion”, “Soldier of Luck”, “Night Rules Terror”, “The Story of Benny Goodman”, and “Steel Jungle”. Also in the 1950s, Krushen received a role in the films “The Girl from the Penal Colony”, “Scream of Horror”, “Froulein” and “Julia”. There were other projects featuring Jack in this period.

Finally, in 1959, he got one of the lead roles in the fantasy adventure film “The Terrible Red Planet”. The story tells of a trial expedition to Mars. The spacecraft loses contact with the station. However, the crew manages to return. Not all of its members have returned to Earth. Surviving astronauts tell the story of their journey. The painting was popular in the United States, Denmark, Mexico, Germany. The film’s screenwriter and director is Ib Melchior.

1960s The

next big role Jack didn’t have to wait long. Already in 1960, director, screenwriter and producer Billy Wilder invited him for a role in the melodrama “The Apartment”. According to the script, the main character, an employee of an insurance company, because of the desire to serve colleagues, sometimes gives them the keys to his apartment. The services of the young man used his superior. He brought a mistress to the apartment of his servant. The young man saw the girl and fell in love with her. The film received high audience ratings. The drama was presented at the Venice International Film Festival. In the 21st century it was republished several times in different countries. The painting won 5 Oscars in 1961. Among the other 5 nominations was Jack as well. The film tape then won 3 Golden Globes, as many British Academy Awards and the Volpi Cup for Best Actress.

The actor was noticed and started offering him notable roles. He played a regular character in the adventure series “Hong Kong”. The actor then performed the role of Dr. Tyler in Delbert Mann’s melodrama “Come Back, My Love”. The protagonists are a man and a woman who work for rival advertising firms. The comedy was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. The following year, he played one of the lead characters in the musical comedy with Elvis Presley, “Follow the Dream”. The story is about a family who travel by car. Having spent all the gasoline, they set up camp by the road.

In 1963, Jack played in the comedy western “McClintock!”. The main character is a successful farmer. The money didn’t ruin it. The man is distinguished by many virtues. One day, his wife, who had run away, returns to him. The film was popular in the United States, Mexico and many European countries. The following year, the actor played in the musical melodrama “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”. The main character leaves the countryside and goes in search of a better share and a successful marriage. The film was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. In 1967, Krushen received one of the lead roles in the crime thriller “Caprice”. His set partners were Doris Day, Richard Harris and Rey Walston.

1970s In the

next decade, Jack was also filming a lot. Among his roles in this period are several main ones. In 1973, he played in the detective “Colombo: The Most Dangerous Match”. According to the story before the chess tournament, one of the athletes decided to kill the opponent. However, that survived and testified against the competitor. The following year, Krushen played in the action film “Freebie and Bean”. According to the story, police officers rescue a gangster from other gangsters to then arrest a major criminal. The painting was nominated for a Golden Globe.

In 1975, Jack sang one of the lead roles in the film tape “Black Pearl Magazine”. The director of the adventure picture – Andrew V. McLaglen. 2 years later, he got a notable role in the horror film “Cheerleaders for Satan”. In the film, the school cleaner turns out to be a sectarian looking for victims. In 1978, the actor appeared in the television fantasy film “The Time Machine”. His set partners were John Beck, Priscilla Barnes, Andrew Duggan and Rosemary DeCamp.

1980s and 1990s In 1981,

Jack played in the adventure drama “The Legend of the Wilderness”. The film was screened in the United States and Germany. He then performed one of the lead roles in the crime thriller “Deadly Intentions”. The story is about a doctor who plans the murder of his wife. The spouse finds out about this and goes to the police, but no one believes her.

Among the actor’s recent works are occasional roles in the films and TV series “Murphy Brown”, “The Prince of Beverly Hills”, “Mummy”, “Love and War”, “Idle Men and Unmarried Women”,” American Watch”, “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”. He also played in the paintings “The Hart Spouses: The House Is Where the Harts” and “The Escaping Ideal”.

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