How to use an electric buck

Electric straightening in aid of needlework Electric

straightener household appliances is easy, and learn how to use it easily. Working on it does not require significant physical effort. Each electric buckle has a speed switch, beginner spins can learn spinning at a small speed.

Russian manufacturers offer several models of electric spinning machines. The principle of their work is similar, but there are small constructive differences. Household electric spinning machine is a compact machine, the basis of which is the mechanism of twisting and winding. It consists of a case and a coil on which a thread is wound and an electric motor with a tensioner. Handles are available to enable the engine and switch speeds.

The buckle is convenient to use, do not require special preparation, you can learn the basics of spinning in a short time. It is accompanied by an instruction manual. Before work it is necessary to study it well and follow all the recommendations, and then the device will last more than one year.

Uncomplicated process of getting yarn

Before you start spinning, the raw materials need to be prepared. The wool of animals (sheep, goats, dogs) is required to comb carefully in one direction until the wool is light, airy. For this purpose there are special “chesky” – board with stuffed cloves, the likeness of a massage comb. The raw materials thus prepared can be rolled into a roll and stored in a bag.

Before starting work, the buckle is installed on a flat surface (table), connected to the network and check the operation of the drive. Conveniently located on the chair, the buckle should be at the level of the belt. Under the left hand, a prepared coodle is placed, a lobe of fiber is applied to the thread drawn from the filament. With the right hand pull the thread from the kudela, twisted and directed on the motorovilo. Rotating, the motorovilo pulls the thread, screws it over the coil. For the

yarn to turn out non-rough, without nodules, the yarn must work at small revolutions. Thickness of the thread is manually adjusted. As threads accumulate on the motorville, they are flipped over to the reel and continue to work. When the coil is fully filled (approximately 200 g), the filaments are swiped from it into a tangle.

When working with an electric buckle, safety regulations must be followed to avoid injury or electroshock. To prevent the device from overheating, it is recommended to turn it off every hour. Do not forget to switch the spin of the coil to the reverse.

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