How to transfer spoil

What isspoilage

— is intentionally harming a person through occult methods. The tradition of this phenomenon comes from antiquity, when people had only two tools to resolve irreconcilable contradictions and conflicts — magic and war.

Civilization has broadened the range of opportunities to achieve justice, to defend its rights and to punish offenders, $ first of all, law. But some still enjoy black magic to achieve their goals and account information with detractors.

There is no consensus among specialists of different backgrounds who have studied this phenomenon in theory and in practice on terminology, since occultism suffices$ is manifold. Most bioenergy therapists, healers, as well as ministers of various religious cults consider damage to the subtle spiritual structures of another person in order to harm him health, property, family, career – up to his death. Even many of those who do not believe in the efficacy of damage, understand that such intentions are already vicious in themselves.

Destruction manifests itself unexplained medicine by deterioration of well-being, feelings of anxiety, helplessness, a series of chronic failures in affairs, systematic damage to property, deterioration of mutual understanding with loved ones and colleagues

Neither ever since, against the background of the former well-being of the person begin to visit the feeling of suppression, thoughts of flight, breaking social ties and even suicide. The failure of attempts to find the rational explanation takes place leads the person to think about the caused damage. Sometimes himself, and more often with the help of a healer, a person can diagnose that his fears are not in vain. What to do with such a “gift”? For removal of spoilage, people tend to turn to specialists, sometimes trusting someone who has diagnosed the presence of spoilage. But eminent healers with a constant clientele trust them, advise with the diagnosis of spoilage not to one, but to several specialists, assessing the seriousness of their approach to solving the problem and reasonableness of service fees.

What can complicate the removal of spoilage

often arises the question — whether the removal of spoilage is dangerous in itself, whether it will cause damage to the already shaken human health, $ suppressed by occult aggression.

These doubts are not baseless. Working with the delicate energy structures of the patient, the healer operates not only magic techniques, but also affects him with the help of his energy. Combating malware embedded in thin structures can cost considerable strength. That is why you should be careful to try to remove the damage on your own or with the help of friends familiar with magic and occult only through literature. Healers describing their work in articles and books generally do not hide emerging difficulties and side phenomena. Few people take advantage of removing spoilage in one session, including because of the need to dose the impact on the patient’s energy, so that they endure the removal of spoilage without unpleasant consequences.

Sometimes there is a feeling of weakness arising in people in the process of removing spoilage, conditions close to fainting. In cases where it has become necessary to remove damage from a child, it is better if the child is in the arms of a parent. Even more care has to proceed if the healer is dealing with pregnant and elderly people.

In a number of severe chronic diseases, removal of spoilage carries an increased risk, which does not call into question the need to do so, but forces the healer to act particularly carefully and adjust the way of exposure. Therefore, the presence of serious objective health problems should be informed before the start of work. A special approach will require cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, including cardiac stimulant and other implants. The healer’s attention to the presence of such diseases in the patient, his caution serve as an additional factor in his trust as a specialist.

After removal of spoilage

After removal of spoilage, work is needed to restore fine human structures, heal energy wounds, suppress residual occult phenomena aggression, so communication of a patient with a healer usually rarely involves fewer than five to six sessions. This should be taken into account by planning to conduct rites to remove spoilage and by agreeing on payment for them.

Removing spoilage can serve as a reason for a serious reassessment of their lifestyle. Understanding the situation can often lead to mixed conclusions. Becoming the object of occult aggression once, you can once again find yourself in a similar situation, especially if you provoke it. It will be useful to ask yourself the question of the appropriateness of continuing to communicate with unpleasant, hostile people. It is also worth considering increasing its protection against such influences, which may be given by spiritual practices or conversion.

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