How to tie a string string with a hook

You’ll need
  • – hook;
  • – medium thickness yarn.

Dial a chain of 3 air loops. After grabbing the working thread with a crochet, pull the loop from the second loop from the hook, then pull another loop from the next starting loop. Total should turn out on the hook 3 loops.


Release off the hook without slinging and sticking with the fingers of your left hand, 2 first loops. Continuing to hold the deflated loops, grab the working thread with a hook and tie the remaining loop on the hook.


Then release the second loop from your fingers, put it on hook and wither. Releasing the remaining third loop, put it on the hook and wither it. Thus, on the hook again became 3 loops.


Continue knitting the shoelace, repeating previous actions. Leaving off the hook 2 extreme loops, grab them with your fingers. Tie the remaining one loop on the hook. Then release the 2nd loop and also tie it. Next you put on the hook the 3rd loop, then you tie it.


Repeat these actions until you get the required length of the drawstring. The detailed process of knitting the shoelace can be seen in the video.

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