How to tie a beautiful baby coat

You’ll need
  • – spokes 4;
  • – spokes 5,5;
  • – thin sheep’s wool;
  • – 6 buttons;
  • – thin acrylic yarn.

Before you start knitting a children’s coat with spokes, prepare threads. Sink together one wool thread and two acrylic. Determine the dimensions of future coat. The main parameter is the growth of the child. Find the appropriate table of children’s sizes in knitting guides or on the Internet and compare with it the measurements you took from the child’s figure. For example, if a child’s height is 90-100cm, the most appropriate would be a size 98. According to it, when knitting the back of a future coat, 79 (+/- 10) loops should be scored using 5.5 spokes. You can choose the appropriate pattern yourself.


In each 16 row on both sides, lull one loop 5 times. Start lulling the loops for the passage as soon as the height of the product is 33 centimeters. It is necessary to lull one loop in each second row 6 times. When you reach 49 centimeters, close 25 neck loops and 16 loops for each shoulder.


Start knitting the right shelf. Dial 47 loops on the spokes. Knit follows the same pattern as the back. In each 16 row, lull the loops on the side seam side one 6 times. In each fourth row, close 3 loops to make button holes. Round the thread around the index and thumb so that the loose end at the thread becomes the front wall of the loop. Enter the right spoke under the front wall. Tighten the loop, forcing your thumb.


Make 6 “lulls” to pass at a height of 33 centimeters. Upon reaching a height of 43 centimeters, it is necessary to remove 11 loops on the auxiliary spoke. Make a neckline by closing 2 times three loops and 2 times two loops. At 49 centimeters, close 16 shoulder loops. Tie the left shelf symmetrically to the right.


Start knitting sleeves. Dial 39 loops on the spokes. Select the pattern as with previous parts. Make on both sides seven additions of one loop in each sixth row. As a result, you will get 53 loops. When you reach the height of 18 centimeters, make 6 “lulls” in each second row of one loop on either side. Close 3 times 5 loops on the sides and 11 loops in the central part.


To make the coat turn beautiful, tie the original collar. Dial 63 loops on the spokes. By tying 6 centimeters, close on both sides 2 times one loop, then close all remaining loops.


Start assembling the product. Finish the edges of all parts. Gently expose the tied bakes and come from the wear side. Sit into the sleeves aisles, come the collar. Sit one button on the outside of each sleeve on the cuffs and 4 buttons along the edge on the left shelf so that they are opposite the holes on the other side, and coat loose zipped. You can make the coat even more beautiful by decorating the collar and cuffs with lace patterns. Garnish the coat with a contrasting finish, making it, for example, checkered. Try sewing buttons of a brighter hue.

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