How to sew glasses for new

You’ll need
  • -cotton cloth
  • -satin
  • -synthepon
  • -rudder
  • -gum
  • -sewing machine

Cut out the details of satin, colored fabric and synthepon glasses. We note with pencil the place of fastening gum.


Take a roll, it can be bought or made independently, and start mark from the middle of the upper edge of colored fabric throughout the perimeter. To make the edges of the glasses look even than the edge of the rudder better cut. We’re running on the typewriter.


Remove gum in the previously noted places. We add all the details of the glasses front inside, synthepon between them and spread. Don’t forget to leave a hole to turn out.


Turn out. We’re unlocking. The hole is sewn with a hidden seam. Done!

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