How to sew a removable collar

You’ll need
  • -lace
  • -satin ribbon
  • -sewing machine
  • -beads, rhinestones
Cut off lace about 1 meter long. If the lace is too wide, you can cut them along in half.


Putting the lace on the edge on the typewriter and pull the thread until then, until you get a length. Spread the lace evenly on the thread and remove on the machine from the top on the seam.


Cut off about 80 cm of satin tape and apply it to lace and spread on the typewriter. Decorate the collar with beads, beads or rhinestones. It can be worn either by tying the bow at the front or at the back.


Another easy removable collar option. Cut off from a blouse or shirt collar and put everything on it that the soul pleases: beads, lace, sequins, rhinestones. Look good collars from denim shirts. You can attach riveting or even spikes to them.

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