How to sew a pillow on a Napoleon” chair

You will need
  • – dense fabric of light shades;
  • – fabric of scarlet color;
  • – 1 cm thick foam;
  • – thin synthesapon;
  • – satin ribbons of white and beige colors
  • – threads
  • – needle
  • – scissors.

Two round parts of the same size must be cut out from the dense fabric, the diameter of which will equal the diameter of the stool. Also don’t forget to leave a couple of inches for the fits. Once the circles are ready, you need to put them on each other so that the faces are inside, then build a sewing stitch on the sewing machine.


At the end of sewing leave a hole of 10 centimeters – through it the workpiece should be turned out. Don’t forget to put two satin ribbons between them before stitching round details – they are needed in order to tie the future pillow to the stool. Such blanks need 4-5.


Once the blanks are ready, it is necessary to strike them with a foam. To do this from the filler, cut a circle whose diameter is equal to the diameter of the workpiece and put it through the left hole. The second same detail should be nabbed no longer with foam, but with synthepon, that is, it is necessary to alternate these two fillers. Do not forget to sew the holes manually at the end of the stuffing. Shove the workpieces between each other.


From satin ribbon you need to cut strips, length of which is 25 centimeters. The resulting ribbon must be tightened so that it turns out something like a flower. Make a silver for this flower from scarlet fabric. Such details should be 12.


To the top workpiece should be sewed just made flowers so that they are at the same distance. Remains to fix the work on the stool using ribbons. The pillow on the chair “Napoleon” is ready!

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