How to play bridge

You will need
  • – deck of cards;
  • – record sheet and writing supplies;
  • – team of 4 people.

Play bridge four, in pairs sitting opposite each other. “North” plays with “South”, “West” with “East”.


In the deck 52 cards. The goal of each pair is to score the most points, to order as many bribes as possible. The goal of opponents to assign a higher play or disrupt the orders of opponents


In the beginning, the delivery of cards takes place. One at a time, that is 13 each per game. The trump card is not opened. The cards are distributed by seniority from deuce to ace. The suits are distributed: trefa, tambourine (majors), worm, pika (minor).


After surrendering start trading clockwise, this is important. It is divided into four types: signifying application (taking a certain number of bribes in excess of six), pass (refusal), counter (scuttling the counterpartner’s application), and recontra (confirming his application in response to contru).


The last significant application is a contract (the obligation to take a certain number of bribes). Declared a contract – a playing team, opponents – a wistful one. The player who first called the suit of contract in the playing team becomes “playing out”, the partner – “dickhead”.


The first one walks, sitting on the left of the rout, the next moves go to the one who took the last bribe. Having finished the first turn, the “bolvan” puts his cards on the table, his cards will be disposed of by the player.


Points are counted based on the results of each delivery. If players have fulfilled the contract, the roughers receive points. Also points will be awarded for bribes more than six. And if the contract is not fulfilled, the glasses will receive a spiraling pair.

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