How to make thread beads

You will need
  • – sewing threads – 5 coils;
  • – PVA glue;
  • – cotton wheels;
  • – beads of different colors, shapes and sizes;
  • – clippers;
  • – round pliers
  • – thick
  • needle – thin
  • needle

  • – jewelry pins with loops (pins).

First it is necessary to make workpieces for future filament beads. To do this, divide the cotton disc along into two parts, one of which fill the PVA adhesive, then roll a dense ball out of it. Apply some more glue to the resulting part and wrap it in the second part of the cotton disc in exactly the same way, i.e. forming a ball. The number of such blanks depends on the desired length of decoration.


Next, the workpieces of cotton discs need to be wrapped with sewing threads. Do this until the surface of the balls stops peering through them. Once this happens, the details of the decoration should be secured with the same thread. To do this, insert the thread into the needle, then sweep the workpiece through the top layers of the winding, and necessarily in different directions.


Now in each of the thread beads it is necessary to make through hole with thick needle. Put a pin in the resulting hole with a loop. The extra edge of the pin, which comes out from the other side of the beads, needs to be cut off and its tip bend so that a ring is formed. Do the same with all the other boos details.


It remains only to collect the future decoration. From the rest of the pins it is necessary to create links of beads of different shapes and sizes 8 centimeters long, then connect everything into a single chain. Thread beads ready!

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