How to make Easter eggs out of tissue

You will need
  • – multicolored fabric flaps;
  • – scissors;
  • – pencil;
  • – pins;
  • – thread;
  • – needle;
  • – cotton wool.

In order to make this work, you can use any bright and most unusual colors of fabric. So, proceed to manufacture. To begin with, you need to make a pattern pattern. Print it, cut it, then attach it to the wear side of the flap and round with the help of a pencil. Now cut the circled part. Doing everything needs to be extremely neat. Please note that this template is made with the fit in mind. So don’t forget to mark points where it’s needed. If you fold the fabric in not one layer, you can get several parts for the Easter egg at once.


Now we do the following: put the flaps in front of each other, Then we stitch together two details of the future Easter egg, and it is on the right side from the top to the bottom. The same operation should be performed with two other details of the work.


Put two obtained parts next to each other. One of them needs to be turned out on the front side, the second left as is. The part that is turned out in the front side should be inserted into the second one.


Pin parts with pins and stitch everything gently. Don’t forget that the egg has yet to be stuffed with cotton wool. This means that you need to leave a small filling hole. At the end of this procedure, we turn the work on the front side.


Stuff the product with cotton wool, then gently sew the hole. The Easter egg of their fabric is ready!

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