How to make drawings of sand and solo

Painting with sand and salt on glass

The spectacular drawings are obtained when drawing on a glass surface. As a base you can use a glass shelf made of sideboard, putting it on the table. And you can independently improve the process of creativity by making a drawer with lighting and office glass.

From a piece of plywood and planks, build a drawer. Make the height of the skirts at least 10 cm, and the dimensions of the drawer at your discretion. On one or two sides inside the drawer, install wooden partitions throughout the width. You have to get narrow containers on the sides of the drawer, in which you can pour sand, salt and other decorative materials for drawing.

On the center of the wide part of the drawer, drink a rectangular hole so that the plexiglass can be fixed on top of it. Make legs for your tablet from bars. Calculate their height, taking into account the fact that a light will be placed under the glass, such as an LED flashlight or a small lamp.

The backlit drawing glass should be matte. Brush it off the back with a suitable self-adhesive film. Also, the surface can be painted with white paint or carefully sculpted wide transparent scotch.

A piece of plexiglass over the size of the wide part of the drawer stick in place on a transparent silicone sealant. Then go through the edges insulated or screw with self-cutters, making holes drill before.

Prepare sand before working with children. Pure fine sand, which can be bought in a construction shop, is best suited for drawing. It should be sifted, and then, having poured in an even layer on a baking tray, rolled in the oven for an hour.

Put sand or salt in one compartment of the drawer, small pebbles, smooth glasses, beads. Place a serving of loose material on the glass illuminated from below and start painting with your fingers. Make fine details with a brush or wooden sleepwalk. Drain a particular material to create the desired pattern.

Have a camera on hand so you can capture the most successful pictures.

Painting with color sand and salt on paper


drawings created by this method can be placed in a frame under glass and decorate children’s room. Prepare dense paper or cardboard that will be the base for bulk materials. Draw an uncomplicated picture, breaking it in pencil into fragments. The child needs to understand where and what color he will need to use to turn out the desired pattern.

Paint the construction sand in a variety of colors. To do this, fill it in a few plastic cups. Pour water so that it completely covers the material. Add food dye and some vinegar, stir with a spoon and leave for half an hour. Then drain the water and lay the wet sand on the rolled into several layers paper towel dry.

To color the salt in the desired colors, you will need colored crayons. Pour some salt on a white sheet. Shallowly roll on its surface. Push the resulting colored material into a cup. So do with other small and salt.

You can use to draw colored bath salt.

Smear the tassel with PVA glue the area in the picture, which you need to be filled with one color. Sprinkle these places with sand or salt. After a few minutes, shake off the leftovers. Then gradually stick the rest of the areas.

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