How to make cold china from PVA glue

You’ll need
  • – PVA adhesive labelled D2, D3 – 1 cup
  • – corn starch – 1 cup
  • – glycerol – 1 tsp
  • – lemon juice – 1tbsp spoon (or a couple of drops of vinegar)
  • – baby oil – 1 tbsp
  • – hand cream
  • – Vaseline

Measure with a cup of PVA glue and pour it into a pan.


Add there the same glycerol, oil and lemon juice. Stir everything until smooth.


Measure the same cup cornstarch and gradually pour it into the liquid mixture. Leave for 10 minutes.


Put the pan on a small heat and stir continuously with a wooden or silicone shoulder. When the mass starts to lag behind the walls and comes into one com around the blade, turn off the stove.


On a flat surface (for example, a cutting board wrapped with food film) lay out the resulting kom mass and wash it with lubricated cream hands. When you get an even density ball with a tractive structure, the cold porcelain will be ready.


Food film grease with Vaseline and put a ball of cold porcelain in there. Leave for a day at room temperature. After that, cold porcelain can be used.


To obtain color, divide the cold china into several parts, add a dye to each and carefully remove.

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