How to make bath salt

You will need
  • – sea salt;
  • – dried fragrant herbs;
  • – milk powder;
  • – essential oil;
  • – food dyes.

Color bath salt with food dye. Discover the powder in a small amount of water. Add sea salt to the liquid, stir quickly so it doesn’t dissolve, and lay on a sheet of paper until completely dry. When using a liquid dye, drop a few drops in the sea salt and stir.


Drop a few drops of essential oil. In addition to a pleasant aroma, they have various therapeutic effects. For example, the extract of lavender, mint or lemon helps to cope with fatigue, relax and calm the excessively excitable nervous system. Grapefruit oil helps in the fight against cellulite, and lavender or rosemary will help with colds. You can also use your favorite perfume, vanillin or cinnamon as a flavor.


Add the crushed dried herbs to the salt. Chamomile, birch buds and sage will help with any inflammatory processes. In headaches, neuroses, and menstrual disorders, the stranglehold is useful. To make the skin soft after taking a bath with salt, add a couple of teaspoons of milk powder.


Prepared bath salt in transparent plastic utensils. Very beautiful if you fill in a bottle or jar salt of different color in layers. But keep in mind that in one cookware it is not recommended to mix the product with different flavors and additives.

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