How to make a skull out of polymer clay

You will need
  • – polymer clay;
  • – sharp stick;
  • – screwdriver;
  • – toothpick;
  • – knife.

Catay clay oval balls. Then with your thumb and forefinger a little squeeze the bottom of the oval to turn out a slightly elongated tip – the chin of the skull.


Sand from sushi make eye holes. The sharp tip of the screwdriver makes the nostrils.


Mouth – two parallel strips – do too with screwdrivers. Do teeth with a sharp knife.


Now need to make a hole. Gently insert the toothpick along or across the skull. It is better not to use the needle, because the hole will be too narrow.


After hardening, you can strung the skulls alternately with beads on elastic band, and it turns out a bracelet.

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