How to make a robot out of a collapse

You will need
  • – 2 motors (1.5W);
  • – 2 SPDT switches;
  • – 2 batteries and housing for them;
  • – 1 plastic ball with hole through;
  • – 3 paper clips (1 large, 2 medium size);
  • – wiring.

Once you have prepared the necessary material, proceed to manufacture the robot. Slice 13 wiring, 6 cm long. Take a pliers or a knife and remove 1 cm of insulation from both sides of each wire. Then, with the help of the soldering iron, attach 2 wiring to your motors and 3 to SPDT switches.


Then solder 1 more wire to the battery case. Please note that there are 2 factory wires (red and black) on one side of the case, so attach your transaction to the reverse side. After that, turn the case up and stick SPDT switches in the form of a Latin letter V. After waiting a few minutes, stick the motors on the sides of the body.


Take a big paperclip. Heat it into straight wire. Take a pre-prepared plastic ball and put it through it. Bend the wire so that the ball is in the middle. Stick both ends to the battery holder. Here you need to show patience and diligence. You need to solder all transactions as shown in the photo.


Take 2 paper clips and reheat them, giving the shape of “booths”. They will serve as an antenna. Stick them to SPDT switches, in the center of the Latin letter V. On the axle of motors, put rubber tips, you can use trims from insulation of your wiring.


Final step. For your robot to drive, insert the batteries. If you want to stop it — get them out. Let this robot be your first and not last development. Develop and improve your skill!

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